Deadbeat Gamblers Stiff Casinos


No one knows for sure how big a problem welshing has become for the gaming industry nationwide.

The American Gaming Association doesn't keep statistics on it. Nor does the biggest state gaming control board in the country, Nevada's. "I don't think there's been a material change," says Frank Streshley, chief of the board's tax license division. "The casinos obviously have very strict credit policies. They've tightened up their standards as the economy has weakened."

That's not the view shared by Professor I. Nelson Rose, a leading expert on gambling law, author, consultant and frequent expert witness and for governments and industry. Look at Atlantic City's casinos, says Rose. These, unlike their Nevada cousins, publicly report revenue and bad debt per casino (take a look HERE). While almost all reported a decrease in revenue for 2009 and 2010, bad debts at many were up.

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