N.J. Woman Sues Home Developer Over 'Aggressive, Hostile' Neighbor

"It has come to my attention that your husband has approached the purchasers of the home located at 128 Woodmere Avenue (the 'Neighboring Home') with the specific intent to dissuade them from purchasing a Lennar Home," the letter stated, according to the lawsuit. "I have also been advised that your husband parks his vehicles and other vehicles from your residence in the street fronting the Neighboring Home in order to block the driveway…your husband's frustration with Lennar is misplaced and the harassing conduct needs to stop immediately."

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Phoenix never directed or asked Lennar to send the letter, and was not copied on the letter, but she says the company "has refused to take any action to stop the harassing conduct that it sparked with its October 1st letter," the lawsuit states.

On Nov. 7, when Phoenix moved into the property, the neighbor "refused" to move his vehicles in front of her house, despite his earlier agreement with Phoenix's sister to do so, the lawsuit states. Instead, the neighbor "got aggressive, hostile and kept mentioning the October 1st Letter," the lawsuit states.

"It was sent 30 days before my client closed and purchased the property," Datto said. "That letter fueled the fire and made it seem as though we were behind the letter."

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