O.A.R. Ticket Price Ruling Could Spell Bigger Trouble for Consumers

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"This is why it is really important for ticket sellers to be transparent about fees and present fans with the total price, including any and all fees, up front," Grimm said.

While transparency may be good for consumers, it can hurt the bottom line for ticket sellers. StubHub, the country's largest ticket reseller, Wednesday said sales took a hit after the company moved to "all-in" pricing strategy in January that lists prices with all the fees.

While the court said this week the Chicago concertgoers have multiple choices for music, they likely don't have a large number of O.A.R. choices. Therein lies the rub for content provided via cable and Internet, Consumer Reports’ Derene says: the provider for both is often the same firm.

And when it comes to information or entertainment in your home, Derene says, many Americans say they can't live without it.

"There’s a lot of discussion about cord-cutting, but people don’t want to sever all telecom from their home,” he said. “It’s a part of American life. To be really engaged with American society, you need to be connected. You need Internet, maybe TV. And people don’t feel like they have options in selecting these things.”

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