Battery Swapping Stations for Electric Cars Could Mean the End of Oil


'Electric Cars Will Dominate U.S. Market in 15 Years

But Agassi stayed focused on the possibility that Better Place charge stations could be a reality here.

"Give me seven days of gasoline use in the U.S., which is about $8 billion, and we can cover the entire country, coast to coast, border to border, with the same network, and get the U.S. off of oil."

He even offered to help U.S. automakers in the process.

"We're happy to place an order -- a $3 billion, $5 billion order -- to an American car maker to have a car like [the Fluence] made," he said.

But so far, none of the American automakers have bitten, which Agassi said he found "astonishing." Still, he predicted that electric cars will dominate the market in 15 years, and if other countries get on board with Better Place's system, then perhaps the U.S. will follow.

Margonelli agreed: "I think this could be a game changer for Israel, and I think it could be a game changer for Denmark. Then that will provide the inspiration for figuring out how to change the game in the U.S."

The Beginnning

As Agassi drove to the ribbon cutting ceremony in Tel Aviv for Better Place's launch Sunday, he asked his son to describe the achievement over the last four years. Agassi's son replied, "Dad, today is just the beginning. we have not accomplished our mission, we are just starting now."

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