Racy Texas Restaurant Chain Trademarks 'Breastaurant' Term


"I think being a great breastaurant goes hand in hand with being a great sports bar," Lorito said. "I think the atmosphere that that creates gives us an advantage over any other of our competitors."

The Arizona-based breastaurant, the Tilted Kilt, with its obvious Scottish theme, has nearly 80 locations nationwide with 12 more on the way.

"I mean, the girls are wearing a uniform which is appealing to the average guy but, again, it is very classy and clean-cut, as opposed to other competitors' of ours," said Nirav Patel, the owner of a Tilted Kilt in Hoboken, N.J.

The appeal for many is in the price: The average breastaurant meal costs $12.

Hooters, with more than 400 restaurants, dwarfs the competition but is clearly sagging. It has closed 35 locations in the last three years. Many former customers who used to give a hoot say the eye-popping staples that brought them into Hooters suddenly went flat.

But Hooters is fighting back, now pumping up all of its locations with a sleek new decor and expanded, healthier menus. Plus, there's a new target customer in mind: Women.

It's a group the competition also is wooing. Canz said only 65 percent of its customers are men.

"It's not necessarily salads for women," Neisser said. "It's finding what a 24-year-old or 25 [-year-old] would consider really fun and a cool place for them to go."

In a statement last month to ABC News, Hoosters said, "The restaurant model that others have dubbed 'breastaurants' is a moniker too shallow to define Hooters."

ABC News' Alexis Shaw contributed to this report

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