California Man With Half an Arm Sues Starbucks, Alleging Discrimination


"While we allege that Pierre could competently perform the job duties (of Barista) with minimal or no accommodations, our main concern in this lawsuit is that no interactive discussion took place to evaluate any potential limitations or accommodations," Larabee, Pierre's attorney, wrote in a statement to ABC News. "A decision was simply made on the spot without further exploration, based on ill-placed preconceived ideas of the limitations of his disability, and a lack of information, that Pierre could not do the job."

He continued, "No person with a disability should be told in a job interview that she or he cannot do something without proper due diligence of any limitations or accommodations being afforded. This is contempt prior to investigation and is unlawful in the State of California."

According to the lawsuit, Pierre is seeking payment of all statutory obligations and penalties as required by law; punitive damages; costs of suit; loss of income incurred and to be incurred according to proof, among other things.

"We have been advised that Mr. Pierre has filed a lawsuit based on his claims, and look forward to responding," a Starbucks spokesperson told ABC News.

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