Your Signature Scent: Eau de Roast Beef? Perfumist Makes Memories in a Bottle


Hell Berry's New Fragrance: 'Reveal'

Halle Berry is just one of the latest celebrities to launch a new scent -- her third. It's called Reveal, and Berry said she spent months developing it to have just the right combination of notes, otherwise known as ingredients.

"Every fragrance that has my name is something I have tested, sort of labored over," she said. "I've smelled it 500 different times with this little note added, that little note added, we changed it. My fragrance is a part of me."

Berry said her other fragrance, Pure Orchid, actually draws its scent from the real rare flower, but also has "fruity notes" added to it. Perfumist Rodrigo Flores-Roux helped Berry create her Pure Orchid scent at the Givoudan Fragrance Lab in New York City, where there are 2,000 smells lingering at any given time.

"A perfume can have 50 to 100 ingredients, so it's a complex recipe," Flores-Roux said. "[For Pure Orchid], we went to the jungles of Peru, up into the mountains that go down into the Amazon, and we actually encountered a beautiful orchid. We did not touch the flower. Through a very, very complex methodology we made the 'alfactive' -- the ascent formula of the air around it."

Fragrances are way for someone to have an intimate connection to you, Berry said, even if you're a celebrity, but be careful not to overdo it.

"I tell people don't put it around your neck and around your face so that way you don't leave it on other people," Berry said. "Put it on the back of your arms. Put it in your midsection or in your inner thighs, but not around your face."

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