Stop Speeding, Win the Lottery: One Man's Idea to Make Safe Driving Fun


The Fun Theory, he said, was developed as a way to get consumers not just interested, but engaged and thinking about how being responsible could be fun.

The contest was promoted on YouTube and social media networks earlier this year. Launched primarily in Sweden, it spread to Europe and the United States, then beyond.

Swystun said it ended up getting thousand of entries from across the world.

"They came in [from] absolutely everywhere and they were some very neat ideas," he said.

Other Finalists Included Piano Stairs, Arcade Recycling

Finalists included the idea of turning a set of stairs into a functioning piano to see if people would exert the extra energy to take the music-making stairs versus the nearby escalator. They also included a proposal to turn a bottle recycling center into an arcade-like game.

Swystun said DDB is continuing conversations with Volkswagen to determine how much father they can take The Fun Theory.

Speaking personally, Swystun said he "would love to see a continuation of the campaign because I think it has application in everyday life."

Richardson said he understands his project isn't going to revolutionize life on the road, but hopes at least some will take away his message.

"Of course people are still going to speed. But if it makes more people slow down and there's a positive reason to do it, it's better than always looking out of the corner of your eye and wondering if you're going to get caught," he said. "Focus more on the positive and what results you want, and not the negative."

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