Executive Suite: MySpace's CEO took big merger in stride

A: Really well. When he comes out from New York we're excited and lucky he takes such an interest. When you look at the percentage of revenue for MySpace vs. the revenue for all of News Corp., the time and energy he puts into MySpace is disproportionate, and it's great from our standpoint.

Q: Why doesn't News Corp. write checks, get out of the way, and leave the original founders in complete control?

A: I don't think you can ever totally do that on a successful basis. You largely leave the strategy, product and the creative control to those who you feel comfortable with. But there are other areas where it absolutely makes sense to combine efforts. It's ridiculous to have 10 different sets of accounting practice. There are seven different Internet companies on the Fox portfolio, and they can jointly buy bandwidth. We're expanding into London, and it would be ridiculous to have multiple offices.

Q: So, what last advice would you give to companies about to merge?

A: Before you get acquired, make sure there is a meeting of the minds, in terms of future strategy and how to get from point A to point B. Also, there has to be quick decision making, or any Internet division in any organization is going to die a quick death. You are competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of companies who make a decision with three people in the room.

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