Ask an Expert: A sound idea for marketing

Once you have an ad that works on a station you like, you can drop some bigger bucks and go for it. But don't do so until your smaller test indicates works.

Negotiate:Buying time on the most popular station during high season means there will be no negotiating, But if you can wait until a slower season, and pick some smaller stations, you will find that negotiating your price down from the fee quoted (called the "rate card.") is very possible. This is especially true if you can pit one station's price against the other.

So I say, check out radio. It remains a great advertising option for many small businesses for a reason: It works.

Today's tip:Remember, too, that radio uses people's imagination. Mentioning a 100-foot mound of whipped cream topped by a cherry the size of a boulder is the sort of imagery that can get people to listen more closely to your ad.

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