Coke finally scores another winner

The volunteers selected will be sent Durex condoms, lubricants and other products and asked to record their feedback on a separate website. There's no paycheck, but one lucky tester picked randomly will get a $1,000 bonus.

Drinking green is about more than tea. Guru Energy Drink is hyping its all-natural, organic sports drinks, juices and teas on the streets of its home city, New York, the "green" way: via zero-emission vehicles.

Three electric minitrucks provided by Zap, a maker of high-performance electric vehicles, have been cruising New York City for the past several months offering samples of Guru teas and juices.

"This is the ultimate in green marketing," Zap CEO Steve Schneider says.

For thirsty New Yorkers, we say stock up on those free samples while you can. Buying these "green" drinks will cost you a lot of green: a 16-ounce can is $3.49.

Still pitchin'. Yankees' former manager Joe Torre may have thumbed his nose at a new contract with the Bronx Bombers, but J.H. Cohn still wants him in its bullpen. The accounting and consulting group took out an ad in The New York Times last week saying they still support Gentleman Joe as their company pitchman, even if the only pinstripes he'll be in now is a suit.

"We are proud that he is our spokesperson and friend, and we continue to support him 100%" read the ad, which had a 7-by-5.5-inch photo of the ex-skipper.

By Bruce Horovitz and Laura Petrecca


Q: In recent ads for the Taco Bell Grilled Chicken Taquito, the red-haired guy running in a marathon looks familiar. Who is he?

A: Stand-up comedian Gareth Reynolds, 27, is the marathon runner who loads up on a Chicken Taquito and comes from behind to catch the leaders in the race. The message is that the taquito is good food for folks on the go. Reynolds, from Brown Deer, Wis., is a TV commercial novice who gained notice this year thanks to his role on NBC's The Real Wedding Crashers. In online advertising, however, he was half of a team hired by Unilever to promote Axe body spray. Unilever had Gareth and friend Evan Mann record their feats and failures in wooing women at

Ad Team Disclaimer: Professional comedian on closed course. Since the fall marathon season is in high gear — Washington, D.C.'s Marine Corps Marathon was Sunday — we should warn that downing taquitos on a 26.2-mile run could be no laughing matter.

Q:Is that Yvonne Strahovski from the new NBC show Chuck playing "Eve" in the silly costume party ad for Captain Morgan rum?

A: Nope. It's model Shaundra Hyre, 28, in the Captain Morgan ad, though they look a lot alike — particularly the long, blond hairstyle. Hyre, currently a redhead, plays "Eve" in the ad, in which four young men show they "have a little Captain in them." They scope out hotties at a Halloween party before deciding on costumes. When they then show up at the party in costumes that just happen to match up with the women's outfits, chatting them up is a breeze. Eve, for example, marvels at the coincidence when "Adam" wears a matching fig leaf. Hyre, based in New York, also has recently been in TV ads for Pantene and Macy's.

Meanwhile, Strahovski, 24, hasn't been here long. She landed the role of Sarah Walker in Chuck right after moving to Los Angeles from Australia.

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