Ad Track: E-Trade baby, you're a star; AT&T calls Scorsese


Baby, you're a star

He spit up in front of 97.4 million people and "underestimated the creepiness" of a clown he hired, but the 9-month-old in E-Trade's etfc two Super Bowl ads is a star. Both ads aired late in the game, but ranked 13th and 14th out of 53 game ads with consumers rating the ads in real time for USA TODAY's annual Super Bowl Ad Meter. Since then, they've been two of the most-watched game ads online and finished high in measures of online buzz.

How they made the ads: The crew at agency Grey New York filmed the baby (his name is not being disclosed) sitting in a highchair before a green screen making expressions, mostly in response to his mother. She sat in an adjacent room for the filming and was seen by the baby on a monitor. Added later digitally: the mouth movements of a 5-year-old actor, the voice of a 30-year-old and the keyboard, room items and clown.

The director's cut

Oscar-winning film director Martin Scorsese calls for quiet on the set in a new "silence your cellphone" theater ad from AT&Tt. The plot: A woman chats with her husband, then hands the phone to her young son so he can say goodnight to his dad. Scorsese rushes in and says the plot of this "ordinary" phone call isn't working for him. "There's no edge to it," he says.

He then directs the woman to envision she is "trapped in a loveless marriage." He tells the boy to visualize his father, on a business trip, as an ex-convict who betrayed him and should be killed. The tag line: "We won't interrupt your phone calls. Please don't interrupt our movies."


Ah, the thirst quencher with a New York Giants kick. Gatorade pep has brewed-up a limited-edition bottle of Gatorade with a silver label that celebrates the Giants' victory over the New England Patriots. It says: NY Super Bowl XLII Champs. Bottles can be ordered for $2.25 each or by the case of 24 for $24.99 (plus shipping). But better order quick, Big Blue fans. There are only 2,520 bottles in stock, says Matt Knott, vice president of marketing. "First come, first serve."

Yes, they also had a set ready for a Patriots perfect season. They've been destroyed, so don't bother scouring eBay ebay.

What did go up on eBay: Five of the Super Bowl bottles autographed by MVP Eli Manning. Gatorade auctioned them to raise funds for the United Way and to support kids activities.

Perfect timing

Under Armour ua paid big bucks to advertise its new sports shoe during the Super Bowl, but rivals Reebok and Nikenke were hot on its heels after the game with ads congratulating the Giants in ESPN's 11 p.m. SportsCenter.

The Reebok ad, which also aired on the NFL Network, featured players from the 1972 Miami Dolphins, still the only team with an undefeated season. The Dolphins players are enjoying a "perfect" day, barbecuing in "Perfectville," when a delivery man drops off a package. Inside is a football and a card reading: "A gift from the New York Giants. Enjoy it for one more year." See the ad here.

Nike's simple ad — black background with white text— also ran for a few days afterward. Phrases such as "perfect interceptions" and "perfect inconsistency" make a nod to the Giant's rocky start. Then they turn upbeat, ending with: "Perfect when it counts."

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