Ad Track: Cosmetics companies tout mineral-based makeup

Discussion won't be limited to cup-holder placement or the design merits of side vents. She says participants will be asked about everything from safety issues to environmental concerns to opinions on Chrysler's ads. Folks interested in joining can apply at — where they'll have to answer questions such as, "Do you own or have you considered owning a Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicle?"

The compensation? No money, prizes — or free cars, says Justin Cooper, co-founder of technology company Passenger, which is working on the project with Chrysler. But they get personal satisfaction, he says. "They get to have a voice. They'll be able to influence positive change."

Personally, the Ad Team would rather have a Dodge Viper.

Gratuitous advice.

A new marketing campaign encourages Las Vegas gamblers to drop even more dough — tipping dealers.

Local 721 of the Gaming Division of the Transport Workers Union, which represents dealers at casinos such as Wynn Las Vegas and Caesars Palace, launched online ads to remind players to tip the folks on the other side of the table. "Most dealers make just above minimum wage," says James Little, TWU international president. "They rely on tips for the bulk of their income."

Videos at show dealers dispensing gambling advice — such as whether to stand on certain blackjack hands — and end with the tag: "Here's the best tip of all: Always tip your dealer."

How much? "I don't think there's a set number," Little says, but adds players should pay up even when they lose. "I've had some lousy cab rides in New York City, but I still tip the cabby. It's a service (business)."

Replacing Moss.

Actor Ashton Kutcher has another listing for his growing résumé: His handsome mug will replace supermodel Kate Moss in TV ads starting Tuesday for Nikon's Coolpix digital camera. Kutcher also guest-starred last week on the new ABC sitcom Miss Guided, a show for which he also has executive producer credit. The actor/producer/endorser/husband of Demi Moore played a hunky substitute teacher in the show about a high school guidance counselor.

Bottled up.

A mere 99 bottles of beer on the wall wasn't enough for Denmark brewer Carlsberg. Instead, it attached hundreds of bottles to billboards (the total is secret because it's running a guessing contest) in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium.

The bottles spell out "Carlsberg" in script and promote the brand's new lean, green bottle embossed with the Carlsberg logo. The bottle will show up in coolers in the USA this summer.

"All these (competitor) bottles were getting sexier than ours," says Matthieu DeWinter, account director for Carlsberg ad agency Duval Guillaume, citing bottles such as Heineken and Corona.

To showcase the new design in Belgium, the empty bottles were attached to a plastic form on the billboard with metal thread — because more than "one of those bottles happened to fall" using glue. "We did a test with the bottles and … the glue melted under the lights," DeWinter says.

Split personality.

What has 200 or fewer calories, costs $3.49 or less and comes in 14 varieties? It's the new Portions line of better-for-you dishes created by Au Bon Pain executive chef Thomas John. Among choices: hummus and cucumbers; apples, blue cheese and cranberries; asparagus and almonds.

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