Super Bowl ads notebook: How do this year's ads rate?

With unemployment rates so high, do you think it's odd that CareerBuilder focused on folks who are unhappy in their job — rather than those looking for a job?

Do you think viewers will get the ads for and mixed up?

View and rate the ads

You can watch the Super Bowl ads that have been broadcast so far and vote on how much you liked or disliked each one here: Some time after the game, you will be able to see the results of the Ad Meter focus panel ratings and their second-by-second reactions to each ad.


Hey, was that Martin Scorsese doing a cameo? Or maybe it's just an out of work Soprano's actor.

Reader comment from Kay Paggi: I liked the crunch Doritos, where he got everything he wanted. I got a belly laugh there.

I also like the Pet, adoption one. I thought an ostrich named Bruno was hilarious. Seems like a lot of them have been inane, more than usual.

H&R Block

Contrary to the rumors, Abe Vigoda is not six feet under. (He was wrongly declared dead in 1982.)

But the Barney Miller TV show star is alive and kicking— and plays the Grim Reaper in this ad.


Here's a website that Pedigree set up as an extension of this campaign: Doesn't exactly make me want to buy dog food… or adopt a pooch.

But I do think the "behind-the-scenes" Super Bowl ad videos posted on are clever. Pedigree is one of several advertisers using its high-priced ad time to promote good causes.

By the way, did you notice that all the oddball pets have "dog"-type names — like Rusty and Bruno?

P.S.: I was going to get a platypus as a pet, but this ad has convinced me to adopt a pooch instead.


I thought it was the thought that counted when it came to gifts.

By the way, for anyone interested in sending me Valentine's Day flowers, I'll take 'em in a vase, box — or even crumpled up in an A&P plastic shopping bag…..

Pepsi Max

Humm… what exactly is the difference between a diet cola for men and a diet cola for women?

Anyone out there want to let me know what ingredients you'd put in a diet cola made especially for men?

So, do you know anyone named David Abernathy?

Reader question: Movies advertising on SB? Is this new?

A: Actually, movie ads are common during the Super Bowl. This year, we're slated to see at least ten ads for upcoming flicks.

But there is one movie ad during this year's game that is breaking new ground: DreamWorks Animation is running a 3-D ad for its 3-D movie Monsters vs. Aliens.

I hope you have some 3-D glasses handy! They were distributed at more than 25,000 grocery, drug and mass retail stores.

Ugh, doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Once again the Web-domain registrar focuses on sex appeal to market itself using frat boy humor.

What's your take on the racy ads?

Does using sex to sell always work? Do they make you want to go to's website?

Are they funny or just tasteless?

Bud Light Conan ad

Here's yet another reason to like Conan O'Brien: He didn't get paid for this Bud Light ad.

Instead, Anheuser-Busch made a donation to The Fresh Air Fund on his behalf.

The Fresh Air Fund is a not-for-profit agency that provides free summer vacations to New York City kids from low-income and disadvantaged communities.

Anheuser Busch vs. PepsiCo

Anheuser-Busch has been the king of Super Bowl advertising for the last few years — buying up more ad time than any other Big Game marketer.

But this year, Pepsico beat 'em out — snatching up extra commercial time last week. Final score: A-B with 4.5 minutes of commercial time for its brews and Pepsi with 5.5 minutes for its drinks and chips.

Going 3-D

I'm really looking forward to those 3D ads….

Pepsi and DreamWorks Animation will air back-to-back 3-D ads for SoBe Lifewater and DreamWorks' upcoming 3-D movie, Monsters vs. Aliens.

PepsiCo has distributed more than 130 million pairs of those goofy 3-D glasses via more than 25,000 grocery, drug and mass retail stores.

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