CEOs tweet in news story reported completely on Twitter

Mr. Case, do you care to respond to Mr. Montero? "Of course it is. Has evolved and will continue to," tweeted Case, now CEO of Revolution.

After tweeting that the government needs an exit strategy from a necessary intervention, Case tweeted: "As we learned with Iraq, there are typically unintended consequences, and it is always easier to get in then get out." Another tweet from Case: "So I support Obama's economic intervention, but would be very concerned if gov't doesn't pull back in year or two." CEO Jay Steinfeld tweets this warning: "So as with happiness, it takes sadness to appreciate it. Sunshine: rain. And maybe, capitalism: socialism?"

One other CEO was quiet. It might have been coincidence, but shortly after USA TODAY began reporting this story, it won over a prestigious Twitter follower: Barry Diller, CEO of IAC/InterActive, who started Fox Broadcasting.

Unsolicited, @BarryDiller was now following @jonesdel. Yet, Diller did not respond to tweeted requests for comment, and for more than a month Diller had only a single posted tweet, dated April 21.

Tweeted Diller: "I have no interest in Twitter," and by press time @BarryDiller was nowhere to be found on Twitter.

Does he have an interest in capitalism? The answer to that might force one to pick up the phone.

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