Celebrity Estate Disputes from Michael Jackson, Steve McNair to Anna Nicole Smith

Legal battles ensued, Leon claimed Janie misused the estate, allegedly spending $1.7 million on her corporate credit card. Janie, in turn, accused Leon of drug abuse.

In the end, Superior Court Judge Jeffery Ramsdell ruled to uphold Al Hendrix's final will. Leon was excluded from the estate, but Janie was removed from her position as trustee.

Jerry Garcia: Ungrateful Family Seeks Piece of Front Man's Small Fortune

The battle over Jerry Garcia's estate isn't as laid back as his music.

The late Grateful Dead front man's estate was left in disarray following his death. Several lawsuits followed his 1995 passing: one by his ex-wife, one on behalf of his daughter and one against the estate by its executor, his widow Deborah Koons Garcia.

Garcia's estate was estimated at $6 million to $7 million.

Just one year after his death, Garcia's ex-wife Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia, sued his estate looking to reinstate her $5 million divorce settlement following the singer's 1995 death at a drug rehabilitation center, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Carolyn was eventually awarded the remainder of her agreement at the expense of the estate.

Garcia's daughter, Keelin Noel Garcia, sued his widow and several attorneys who were involved in doling out the dead legend's money for not properly taking care of her.

According to the Oakland Tribune, then 19-year-old Keelin claimed that Garcia's will called for her to be taken care of before any assets were divided amongst other beneficiaries. She reportedly accepted a settlement of over $1.25 million from the estate.

Most recently, Deborah Koons Garcia sued the limited liability corporation that handles his estate and includes her as a beneficiary, to obtain so-called "Garcia Tapes," which include unreleased music by the legendary musician. Koons Garcia claimed that the corporation was supposed to dissolve in 2005, and should no longer have control of the tapes, according to the Associated Press.

That case is still pending.

Martin Luther King Jr.: Children Have Differing Dreams for Father's Estate

Rifts in the family of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s family first began showing in July 2008, when two of the civil rights leader's children filed a lawsuit against their brother.

Bernice King and Martin Luther King III sued Dexter King alleging misconduct and "wrongfully appropriating" funds from their parents' estates.

According to the lawsuit, Dexter, the estate's executor, refused to provide his two siblings with financial records, contracts and other documents detailing the estate's operations.

"I'm disappointed that our personal family disagreement, as it relates to the family business, has evolved into being handled in a public legal forum," Dexter told reporters at the time.

The case is still pending.

King's children got into another dispute in May, when Dexter, the executor of his father's estate, brokered a deal with DreamWorks Studios to produce a movie about King's life.

Dexter failed to consult Bernice and Martin, who refused to approve the deal, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Last year, Dexter inked a $1.4 million book deal with Penguin Books and asked a judge to release personal documents belonging to his mother Coretta Scott King, whose estate is managed by Bernice. That case is also pending.

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