'Adults-Only' Businesses Find Growing Market Among Women

To Royalle, that meant a profitable new market. "When I went to some of the top companies in Los Angeles, they were all kind of very patronizing," Royalle recalled. "'Nice idea, Candida but women just aren't into this type of thing.' And I knew they were wrong."

Porn Plotlines Get Makeover

History has proved her right. In the classic porno flick, "The Devil in Mr. Holmes," it takes exactly 26 seconds for the first sex scene to take place. The sex is over in less than a minute -- in 42 seconds flat.

But in Noelle's erotic film for women, "The Stepmother -- Sinful Seductions," the plot spans seven minutes and 32 seconds even before the first glimpse of nudity. When the sex finally happens, it lasts for 32 minutes.

"It takes time for them to get together," said Noelle. "There's usually some conflict, something from preventing them on just acting on their feelings immediately. And then once they do have sex, there's a lot of foreplay, there's a lot of kissing, there's a lot of looking into each other's eyes."

The actors are often partners in real life. There are fewer breast implants, more realistic body types, and softer camera angles. And the scenes don't always end with the so-called money shot.

"Sex does not end with the man's climax, that's not what it is about," said Royalle. "There's always after play. And you don't just see the guy falling asleep. You don't just cut to black, there's always, 'I love you's' and giggling, laughing."

Porn Shops Run By Women, for Women

Women aren't just transforming the style of porn flicks, but they're also changing the way it's sold.

In Old Town section of Alexandria, Va., a place known for quaint, cobblestoned streets and as a former getaway for George and Martha Washington, one of the town's most successful new shops is "Le Tache," opened earlier this year.

"We sell lingerie, lotions lubricants, personal lubricants. We sell erotic toys and we sell DVDs. And we have a few goodies," said Bo Kenney, owner of Le Tache. "I have said it before. I thought George Washington probably would have shopped here. You know he did fight for liberty."

Kenney says 60 percent of the customers are women and most of the locals seem take the store in stride.

Sex shops like Le Tache may turn some heads in Alexandria, but in other places across the country in San Francisco they're yesterday's news.

"Good Vibrations" has sold a variety of ergonomic sex toys for 30 years. It's a store run by women, for women and over the last five years, they say business has grown at a steady rate of 20 percent year after year. Even during the recession, sales are up 11 percent.

"San Francisco might well be the capital city for this kind of sexual exploration, and certainly being open about it as we are and non-judgmental. Not every place does," said staff sexologist Carol Queen.

No surprise, then, that San Francisco should be the home for OneTaste and its unusual yoga classes. Through the regular practice of orgasmic meditation, the folks at OneTaste strive to separate the pleasure of sex from the baggage of relationships and morality.

Most of the participants have day jobs, but many of them live at the center for months at a time, immersing themselves in sensuality. The residents call themselves as "urban monks." Some practice the three-fold meditation as couples, but many have a variety of different partners.

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