Box Office Boff: Top Stars' Drawing Power

Robin Williams and Mel Gibson joined the top five after coming close in the late '80s. Demi Moore, who played opposite Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men, was tops among women.

The end of the era (including 2001 for good measure) saw Will Smith shoot to the top of the pack, combining action and laughs in Independence Day and Men in Black, and topping it off with his Oscar-nominated performance in Ali.

Bruce Willis grabbed second place — not for playing Die Hard cop Lt. John McClane, but rather for The Sixth Sense, a sleeper, and Armageddon, a prototype for a blockbuster by design.

Hanks and Cruise continued to put the fannies in the seats. Brendan Fraser joined the top ranks via The Mummy series. Roberts cemented her claim to being the leading lady of her generation — and won an Oscar also — for Erin Brockovich.

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