Nuptial Name Dropping Aid Destination Weddings

But after, say, the Madonna and Ritchie clan have all packed up and left Skibo, how long does the after-wedding buzz last? "You're only good until the next big celebrity wedding comes along," says Borsting.

In the case of Skibo, they're still riding high on buzz because Ashley Judd was married there last year, and supermodel Claudia Schiffer is rumored to be eyeing it for her upcoming nuptials.

Blum says only a handful of her clients cite a celebrity wedding as an inspiration. "My clients will only mention it if the photos of the place happen to look very good," she says. "But that's always the work of the wedding planner." Of course.

Here are profiles of some celebrity weddings:

Jennifer Aniston & Brad PittThey may be one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood, but together they're known as the Pitts. Aniston and Pitt were married in July 2000, at the (rented) Malibu estate of Marcy Carsey, producer of Roseanne and The Cosby Show. The wedding was estimated to have cost about $1 million — which is what Aniston earns per episode of Friends. The price isn't a problem for Pitt either, who earned $23.8 million last year for starring in such movies as Ocean's 11 and Spy Game. It seems that a good portion of the $1 million went to flowers (over 50,000) and security. The couple worked with the Federal Aviation Administration to have an on-site inspector in case the airspace above the estate became crowded with helicopters. Friends Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer attended, as well as Salma Hayek, Edward Norton and Cameron Diaz.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie Madonna's first wedding, to actor Sean Penn, was nearly drowned out by the sound of airplanes and helicopters buzzing overhead. Her second marriage, to Snatch director Guy Ritchie, was a more sedate affair. The couple chose to get married at Scotland's Skibo Castle, which was once owned by Andrew Carnegie. As with everything Madonna does, the event was carefully orchestrated to cultivate her image; this time, the image was of a proper wife. The 42-year-old pop singer wore a dress by Stella McCartney (daughter of Paul), and Gwyneth Paltrow was a bridesmaid. Madonna wore a 37-carat diamond cross necklace and an Edwardian tiara. Madonna and Ritchie spent an estimated $2.1 million — $293,000 on champagne, $58,000 on flights and $219,000 to rent out the castle's 47 rooms for guests. Security was very tight, and not one wedding photo of the couple was released to the public. Skibo, located in the town of Dornach, received an avalanche of publicity from the Material Mom's marriage. Dornach's provost, the newly media savvy Duncan Allan, told the Aberdeen Press and Journal, "Local government is just beginning to appreciate that there is more to tourism than writing brochures." The Rev. Susan Brown, who performed the wedding ceremony, presented the couple with her usual gift to newlyweds: a twin pack of toilet paper, because they are "strong and long" as a marriage should be.

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