Nuptial Name Dropping Aid Destination Weddings

Laura Steinberg & John Tisch Saul Steinberg, once a Master of the Universe in the 1980s when he was at the helm of Reliance Insurance, was known for his over-the-top entertaining style. But even by the standards of that indulgent period, the wedding of his daughter, Laura, was over the top. In April 1988, in a match made in corporate heaven, Laura Steinberg, a Warner Bros. story analyst, married Jonathan Tisch, son of Loews President Preston Tisch and nephew of then-CBS President Lawrence A. Tisch, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Temple of Dendur. Brass palm fronds from the Steinbergs' art collection were trucked into Manhattan's Central Synagogue to form a canopy for the couple. The Dendur reception featured a Brazilian band on stilts, snow blowers sending thousands of feathers into the air and gold-tipped magnolia leaves. Circus of Ambition author John Taylor called the wedding "a bellowing declaration of wealth from individuals unfettered by the guilt that so often inhibits the anxious wretches who have inherited their money." Arnold Scaasi designed the wedding dress, and guests such as Barbara Walters, Vernon Jordan and Donald Trump sipped Chateau Latour at dinner. Renting the Temple of Dendur back then cost $25,000. The entire wedding cost $3 million — the equivalent of $4.4 million today. The marriage, like Steinberg's fortune, didn't last. Reliance filed for bankruptcy in June 2001, a year after Steinberg was forced to sell his fabled art collection and sell his duplex apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

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