Super Bowl Last-Minute Tickets from $10,000?


Ferrer said there may be a combination of factors, but "some people have said there is a 'been there, done that' mentality from the Boston area."

Not so for Cassiani and his friends. Not only did they pay $1,350 for the RV rental, they shelled out another $250 to change an economy class plane ticket for Cassiani's girlfriend to catch a flight. They will drive another one and a half hours on the return trip to drop her off to catch her flight in Cincinnati.

Cassiani said he usually spends about $150 a ticket for each Patriots game, not including tailgating and parking, which can add another hundred or so dollars.

But it has all been "definitely worth it," he said.

"We'd rather do that than go out to spend $500 at a restaurant. We make the tradeoff the right way," he said. "We want to spend the money where we want, at a Pats game."

If the unspeakable happens and the Patriots lose the Super Bowl for the fourth time, Cassiani said the 19-hour drive back will feel like a three-day "quiet ride home.

"I don't plan on going down there to see them lose," he said.

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