TLC Documentary on the Resurrection of Former Evangelical Leader


"They wish us well, and they want us to do well," Haggard said. "They believe in forgiveness and redemption, and they just want things to work out."

"He and I look at the world a little differently, but I sit and admire where he is right now," said Forman. "He's trying to do something positive. Some people will hate it because they'll always hate him.

"Initially, his family was not 100 percent supportive of him starting another church," Forman continued. "There was initial tension in the Haggard family [as to whether] this was a good idea. They were thinking, 'It's Dad's calling, but we've been in the news a lot so maybe you should stay quiet.' And they're very honest with him."

To answer the mystery as to why Haggard and his family gave the filmmakers such unfettered access to their lives, Forman and Rakieten said it certainly wasn't for money -- Haggard and his family received only a small stipend of a "few thousand dollars at most" to participate in the film.

"Whatever number you think, it's much smaller than that," said Rakieten, "They had zero financial incentive to do this."

What's more, Haggard and his family never required that they be shown only in a positive light, and played no part in the editing of the film.

"He didn't hire a PR firm to go do a pro-Ted infomercial," said Forman.

The former powerhouse superstar of the evangelical world who once drew drew a church salary of more than $200,000 a year, said he receives no income from St. James but gets reimbursed for some ministry expenses through its weekly offering. Haggard said his family now lives off fees from speaking engagements, the equity from the house they sold when they left Colorado Springs and his wife's book, "Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made in My Darkest Hour."

Haggard said he hopes his story gives hope to others. "We have some very positive resurrection stories in our culture," he said. "Now we need some good resurrection stories in the church."

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