Show Me the Money: Modern Day Treasure Hunters Find Gold, Change in Unlikely Spots


Bonanza of Loose Change

You don't need to invest in a metal detector or gold panning materials to put treasure in your pocket. You can score hundreds, even thousands, of dollars with just a set of observant eyes in a parking lot.

When members of the Humphery family of Brooklyn run errands, their eyes are peeled for loose change. In just longer than five years, the family has found more than $1,200, mostly in pennies, nickels and dimes. The family documents the rewards of hunting for change on its blog, Changepot.

According to the family, among the best places to find change are mall parking lots, college campuses and in and around the security checkpoints at airports.

"We've found that in lower-income neighborhoods, we find the most change, and it's usually pennies, nickels, dimes. In higher incomes, we don't find anything," said Barbara Humphery. "I'm guessing maybe they carry credit cards, debit cards."

The family's biggest find was a $100 bill in Atlantic City. They said they find loose change almost every time they go out.

All you have to do is look.

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