Trump Wants Out of Discount Wedding Business

The discussion makes this issue the mildest in Trump's history with the city. That includes demanding the city rename a street in his honor (it didn't) to illegally planting ficus trees and suing the city for fraud and civil rights violations for $100 million.

"The contention between Mr. Trump and our city is well documented," said Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Steve Wolowicz. "We may have contention on other points, but we still have to make a sincere effort to be fair in any subsequent request."

If the golf club has its way with the higher fees, brides seeking an ocean view will have to consider options elsewhere along the peninsula.

"Founders Park is a place that seems extravagant without spending that kind of money," said Megan Kocher, who runs a wedding and event design firm, and lives near the park. "It will deter a lot of brides from using that location if the price goes up."

Odom said that if an agreement can be reached with the golf club, there is a good likelihood that Founders Park will remain available for event rentals. He hopes to bring a revised proposal before the city council during the first meeting in March.

During those discussions, Trump may well remind the city of his clout, something he's never been shy about doing. Fortunately for the city, there's no one at Founder's he can turn to and shout "You're fired!"

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