Can Advertising Save Your Home?

Arizona business will pay mortgage of people who decorate their homes with ads.
1:47 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Can Advertising Save Your Home?
This is a story that very most of my friends and there goes the neighborhood. What to do when you've lost your job and you love and help with the mortgage lot of folks in that situation these days we'll. According Randall of K and exit V in Phoenix has won homeowners very unique and. Charlie Ruiz has lived in her Phoenix home for twelve years she takes pride in taking care of it but is now worried she might lose it. After working for a company for 24 years. She lost her job for months ago -- the business shut down to try to bound by the job at 55 years old. They're telling her -- like one job experience. It's it's hard desperate Charlie hopes she is found a way to save her home by turning it into a billboards similar to this one. Brady -- from Mars a marketing firm is offering to pay -- homeowner's mortgage. For up to a year if you let them paint your house Green and orange should -- like to. Standout in the crowd and pain in my house -- close in this neighborhood -- leeway the thick thick. The -- of one -- two -- can be used to go over there. Could be FaceBook over here. The colors everything -- there just. Kind of outrageous neighbor pat hammonds has lived at her home for more than forty years and is not so excited about the idea I think it would bring down. Prices for homes even more more than 200 people in the valley half filled out an application to have their house paint it. The company hopes to start paying mortgages in Phoenix by this summer if not sooner. If city zoning laws don't get in the way. -- Rangel ABC news.

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{"id":15816033,"title":"Can Advertising Save Your Home?","duration":"1:47","description":"Arizona business will pay mortgage of people who decorate their homes with ads.","url":"/Business/video/advertising-used-to-pay-home-mortgages-15816033","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}