Amazon Launches New Streaming Box

Fire TV revealed as a new set-top box that streams TV shows and movies.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for Amazon Launches New Streaming Box
I'm Michelle Franzen and new York and developing now the race to replace your television. Has -- speedy new contestant Amazon the company known for its free two day shipping and Kindle. Revealed its Amazon fire TV today a new set top box to stream movies and TV shows. -- apple and Netflix -- have been put on notice. For more of the announcement an Amazon's fire TV's potential I want to bring in Yahoo!'s -- a list of Everett's -- A list so what does fire TV -- that the competitors don't what's the hook here. Well it's got to really open ecosystem as they were saying at the presentation today to basically allow us. Its competitors Netflix and Hulu plus two. He with in the -- and you know their their front and center so if you don't want to subscribe to Amazon prime. And stream from that service you have the option to -- the cheapest. Placed that you can stream this particular TV show or movie which I think is really great it's also. Got an amazing remote control that allows you to search via voice and I had the -- -- to test it out today and it's incredibly responsive. So Amazon -- that the prize so called 99 dollar set top box sounds familiar both apple and -- -- about the same. But how Netflix which doesn't even offer a -- isn't that Netflix is that. Well I mean in some ways it's really great for next Netflix subscribers because they can and if there subscribers decide to buy. This device they can still stream with it but. And in a lot of ways it puts Amazon prime front and center because. The catches when you set up this box you get a month free. Of an Amazon prime since its subscription and afterwards. You start paying or you can choose to. And that service but if someone's gotten used to within a month and they decide they like that a lot better than Netflix and Netflix -- in trouble. You know there was a lot of buzz people talking about -- Amazon should release a free streaming device supported by ads. For all we hear though Amazon chose not to go that route why and -- a good decision. I mean I think it's a great decision I think people don't really like to have ads in manor home systems and I -- I mean. I think that it's a really fantastic competitive price for. Getting something that's completely private and you know I mean you really do want to have sort of an intimate uninterrupted experience -- -- -- so. I guess they went that route who knows -- -- pay off in the end but I think it's a competitive price. And keeping with Netflix could hear a little bit they account. The ticket nearly 13 of all the bandwidth in the country how important is it for Amazon to build up its own Amazon prime streaming service. I think it's incredible and important and they've really obviously shown -- There. Really be focusing on their own original content now they just announced. A lot of it their own original programming and also that there sort of dipping their toe into. And -- and they're creating their own. The video games paso. I mean in a lot of ways I think -- it's really important to sort of edged their way into that market. So TV's movies game means as you well know Amazon owns a lot of Internet servers so much of what we see online runs through their hardware. Is that a potential advantage. Definitely -- in the in a way -- that they've really kind of our dominating everyone's -- I mean. When I think I need toilet paper I think well I think -- in a day on Amazon prime and you know -- merit -- maybe I'll decide -- -- House of cards could. I mean that's actually not a good example because that's -- Netflix thing but. You get what I'm saying it's a place where you can get everything and it's almost scary how quick you can get it so. In a way it's I mean they're really they have an advantage their place of people visit often for many. For reasons and certainly they've -- of the branch out more than just that retail area. They raise their prices few weeks ago for the prime members of making that announcement how does this affect. Prime members there did they get a deal in any of us. They don't and I mean so if you think about it if you decide to spend. That amount on trying and then this 99 dollars forward. The -- -- -- it's a gets a little expensive -- mean it's definitely a luxury product in some ways. They they didn't want to emphasize that there are bringing something that's high quality. At as low price but you do have to take advantage there take into account the fact that you are paying -- extra money for a prime account. That being said you can still get away with using this thing with Hulu plus and Netflix but of course those things cost money to -- so. I mean they're much less expensive than it -- Amazon prime account now. And personally it. I am I and I think that anyone who. -- wants to have great streaming to their TV can still get away with watching great content without an Amazon print subscription but it would definitely make. Things smoother and easier for anyone using this device. More options and of course more choices for consumers -- says -- -- -- from Yahoo! tech thank you for joining us. You can keep up with the latest in -- in real time downloading the ABC news that star this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle friend and a New York with a -- BC news developing now story.

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{"id":23165182,"title":"Amazon Launches New Streaming Box","duration":"3:00","description":"Fire TV revealed as a new set-top box that streams TV shows and movies.","url":"/Business/video/amazon-launches-streaming-box-23165182","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}