American Cars Turning Corner on Quality

American cars used to be "cheap and chintzy," says one auto expert.
1:54 | 03/06/12

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Prices made probably the biggest fans just look anything like the apparently. Needs not that fake wood on the side -- anything -- that. Noted they've really come on wealth and have improved the functionality of it as well -- the L-3 hundred was very stylish when it first and -- But this windshield angle would come way Ford and almost a vertical -- -- Which made it really difficult to Seattle that -- decide without losing the end of rules island the vehicle and it. You know people do -- hostile movement because it makes them feel good when they're inside the vehicle but one time you -- -- plastic. The train gaps were old marital of the place. -- -- with -- Chrysler you know it's nice materials license solid. Finished well these areas here. Nicely accented wealth -- Equal capsule -- -- you know these things feel good everything. Feels like quality which in the past you'd be really -- pensions and.

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{"id":15858742,"title":"American Cars Turning Corner on Quality","duration":"1:54","description":"American cars used to be \"cheap and chintzy,\" says one auto expert.","url":"/Business/video/american-cars-turning-corner-quality-15858742","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}