Apple Battles Samsung, Considers Twitter Investment

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.
5:08 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for Apple Battles Samsung, Considers Twitter Investment
-- felt this Monday July 30 hello everyone I'm John Lawler in New York. Futures -- lower this morning despite gains in European markets joining me now to discuss the top business headlines as we begin new week is -- MacKey of course. Is the coast to break out on our partner Yahoo! finance -- Jeff. Marta jobs gone -- -- go Hungary are we got shut out all but about all above thirteen thousand honest the first time this happened three months we gonna stay there your. Hopefully reiterated this is where the rubber hits the road this week because we've got big meetings that fed reserve on Wednesday real job we'll talk about that argument. We were up almost 4% just on Thursday and Friday -- -- on the stock market. Based on a lot I'm just out of officials talking and then they're gonna save Europe and we'd like to save here. I'm not so sure that's gonna be good enough we'll find out this week -- how we close above thirteen thousand on Friday. Is gonna tell us quite a bit -- failed to sort of hold these gains. Optimism has been beaten senseless this year so hopefully we can -- W from the happy people this week that would be nice -- -- -- trial -- things. Yeah all right -- apple and Samsung begins today what's the case about it what's really at stake here. It's really -- out the past wars in general that are going on in silicon -- right now I'm in the tech world. The stakes are really high being -- -- the leader in the market players -- -- -- for apple the company is worth half a trillion dollars as of this case itself is 2.5 billion. Apple suing Samsung for a lot of kind of amorphous blob -- stuff like being cool. In his -- as an example saying that Samsung stole cool from them I'm not your high patent called Apple's claim they have. And -- average -- 2.5 billion you know what's really about though it's really about phones and is about the iPhone as the latest generation from apple. Not being on the marketplace yet while Samsung has the hottest phone on earth. What they're galaxy three apple would love nothing better in the -- mementos Samsung for awhile. Outside about another apple -- in the company apparently expressing some interest in Twitter what do you make of this one. It's I think this is that wish more than his actual news it was report last weekend has been talked about for months. Once we saw that FaceBook IPO kind of came out with a one bird may have more state that was released. We failed in the market did terribly. People have been wanting -- to be saved a little bit to not try to generate those revenues it makes so much sense for apple. With -- hundred billion dollars in cash actually more than that. To take something like Twitter. And to really keep it away from being that ad environment because the -- of public they're gonna have to have actual earnings -- has no idea how to go by doing that hasn't yet. Most of the folks in the Internet tech world would love to see -- get taken out by apple. I'm not sure it happens but it shortage should look a lot like YouTube. Which got bought by Google and YouTube still rate as -- -- what happens to most of these acquisitions these hired companies like say Skype. Where -- coming to us from -- to being sort of in. And -- non anti have to get taken out by corporate parent. Excellent point got a -- controversy brewing last week the former CEO of Citigroup caused an uproar. He said the country's biggest banks should be split up is he right. I don't know -- and well. Yet now this was like Frankenstein for his monster if -- -- taken as monster and say here you go you pitchfork wielding torch cheering mob. Why burn up my monster jam him with a -- forced him to shreds and don't amend this to work as I was completely wrong to make him sandy Weill created the -- the bank conglomerate as we know he was really in charge of that he made about a quarter of a billion dollars doing it. If not more are now upon further reflection he's saying and Alice -- entire global financial system -- -- might not have been correct. In assembling these things I guess it makes sense warmed to do it it's not so easy to reverse the creature that he built. It's human rights and yet I did spot it's I don't know that we can break it up like that it's akin to wishing we are 1998 it would be great if we enjoyed on I don't think we can go back there quite as easy. I'm not sure -- sandy was doing -- -- perhaps just sort of penance for what he did. 1998. I think a lot more money back -- hard to get the monthly jobs report coming out on Friday what do you predict we're gonna see there. We're gonna -- now from the pain we've had really bad data between now and and last time we saw this report in. Early July and some of the markets tumbling van because of the jobless jobs -- disappointing jobs aren't doing any great shapes. I'm of the Japanese economy has to see his walk around talk deeply feel about there eight point 2% -- -- the unemployment rate is now as of the last time this summer's at least. It's going to be right around there and eight point 2% not as much what you want to look at advanced. You want to look at how many jobs are adding to the economy -- on the expectation there's -- -- 100000. Sounds like a lot and -- consider that we got to be adding about a quarter of a million per month dean breakeven. So the reality is -- your people are working this summer's not going to be terrific. I'm not sure we can do about it the federal tell -- on Wednesday whether or not any ideas. It's a big number on Friday and don't expect and -- are -- one more look at the Dow right now just over thirteen thousand up ten points. Jeff -- from Yahoo! finance we thank you this morning.

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{"id":16886887,"title":"Apple Battles Samsung, Considers Twitter Investment","duration":"5:08","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/apple-battles-samsung-iphone-patent-lawsuit-considers-twitter-16886887","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}