Bank Fraud: Truth Behind Robberies

Majority of suspected bank robberies are inside jobs that aren't investigated.
2:35 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Bank Fraud: Truth Behind Robberies
This is how it's done in Hollywood. But in the real world. Bank -- never work as hard as Ben Affleck did in the town in fact real life bank robbers usually bank employees working from -- side. Canadian fraud within a bank is is much safer and robbing a bank you don't have to worry about getting shot you know have a -- -- you're not going to be than in jail for commission of a crime with a weapon. Last year there were more than 5500. Reports of suspected embezzlement by employees. Only 580 were investigated. And only 429. Ended in conviction. Pretty good odds for bank robbers. Authorities usually don't investigate that's of a 100000 dollars or less because it cost them time and money they'd rather devote to bigger cases. Thank you think they're being swindled from the inside file suspicious activity reports but more often than not that's where the action stops. Many of these cases. Go unresolved in and then prosecuted. In human and investigated and it is very frustrating. All told banks lose about 300 million dollars a year to these inside jobs. These losses essentially. Are are recognized in reserves -- the financial institution they don't turn entities. Experts differ as to how much of that gets passed on to you the consumer. -- -- need huge increase revenues over time that can translate to increased fees for consumers. This problem doesn't look like it'll be solved anytime soon which means for now thousands of people get away with robbing banks every year. For ABC news digital mrs. Christina.

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{"id":16001206,"title":"Bank Fraud: Truth Behind Robberies","duration":"2:35","description":"Majority of suspected bank robberies are inside jobs that aren't investigated.","url":"/Business/video/bank-fraud-truth-behind-robberies-16001206","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}