From Asking Your Boss for a Raise to Toys That Teach Your Kids How to Code

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know on Real Biz 3.4.2014.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for From Asking Your Boss for a Raise to Toys That Teach Your Kids How to Code
Hello welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening right now first -- a robot that teaches your five year old yes your five year old. How to code one of America's top female entrepreneur doors and we'll give you the tools to walk into the boss's office. And ask for more -- we felt like that we hear it all the time though companies they say they can't find workers with the right skills. The technical know how needed in today's economy while our next guests. Wants to start the training process early and I mean. Very very early -- scooped is the founder and CEO play -- at the company that's developing a toy robot. That can teach -- -- year olds how to code is that it. Yep that's right recruiting user wants that quite Europe and then you we're gonna win. And prevented Israel wants to do amazing things I think it's unaffordable basic balance com or -- -- -- How is that what sitting in front of you how his neck and a teacher at five year old had a -- -- so how was your what -- base what's the best device. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this -- what it is. -- -- on -- applications on the demise. That collects and discover what little what can do and in the process will open up the political obligation thinking -- programming cubism. It was out of one baby is one such example that it into the -- -- how would this S. I think it's -- as sentence. Realizing how come traditional thinking programming is an essential astute when our kids. Now and how little that is being done for -- -- to those skills especially at an early age when it was what kind of and they have more opted to isn't -- stem education and computer science style widowed at least -- -- was something that's as Spanish your credit. And gone to the spot. It sounds like coating in the same way that learning new language is much easier if you start from a young age range code. Much easier to pick up from nice young standpoint as young as five years old. Expect at a adding he -- also shows that. Not to -- -- Santa's flight actually how to -- cognitive ability -- got some traditional thinking concert. What's lacking often I'd like to lose and this is where we come -- be focusing on duels that he -- outside sponsors. In May get access -- -- where children. And Andrew what's -- Great Britain Aruba because they can engage excited and draw them into this blues without making it on beacon equipment. You just announced also you raised eight million dollars in new funding growing the learning and play platform for kids. Who -- investors how did you take this investment out to investors and market at. Are we getting -- just basic -- every billion dollars by -- IRS -- are under an energy group and sounds -- -- -- Now there won't be -- dresses. I've -- but -- a long time. -- it also -- -- based investing in companies less bad apple and apartments office space. -- -- -- -- -- -- Because they don't listen to have them as he gets up and look -- -- -- in a few months ago when he had more than 7000 customers we go to Israel boss. And media is more than one enough billion dollars I don't -- -- -- at that time. Suit me there was an amount that people would in the market. And it resulted in a book on -- department Anastos wanted to -- Let's go to the next -- and you've also been -- -- saying interestingly on the school system. Getting schools to sign on and say they want the product that's large scale sales. That -- conducting but for the individual level if if your parents and you're watching this straight out you want your five year old to have this how do you buy it. Even get by this congress like state progress that is laid -- I don't -- Bigotry on a little -- today we start shipping later this year -- -- about a robust global leader in the summer. And then before -- -- and we shouldn't even more set of rules. Well I will be very curious and interested to see the five year olds around us. Learning how to -- I'll be curious to see how that all turns out once they hit the workforce as well some very useful features thank you so much because for joining us today. But it -- -- have a great one. All right and that was play -- by the way with big test. Award winning boutique style jewelry company Stellent dot is taking the trunk show model to a whole new level CEO and founder Jessica -- -- started out making jewelry kits at her home. And now -- company get this will earn over 220 million dollars this year. -- has won every award from Ernst and young entrepreneur of the year to forty under forty and she's here to tell us. Just how she became one of the top female entrepreneurs in America so nice to see you Jessica. -- grabbed me and we're loving the by the way here -- -- we're seeing all of the Stella and dot jewelry. -- options and items that we love love what we're seeing here. How you come up with this. Well -- time that was a lot more than she and accessories though I'm glad to love them. I certainly let them -- This is my second business and -- business -- -- e-commerce. Company in their wedding space. That went on to become wedding channel -- and it was an absolute analytical approach to finding a white space in the market and developing something that ticket -- changes in technology trends that we've done. It really came from and very differently is it came from a commission and a -- and CU. -- -- -- To make big changes he -- opportunities for women and I want -- democratize it so that you didn't have to had a specialized education or. That a lot of capital -- to -- business. And I started doing a lot of research and really found that you could come up with -- cash and jewelry and accessories department -- to -- -- -- mention. It also sprung up at a time when the -- -- market was a very difficult one high unemployment. But on the flip side you're selling a product that does take some income I mean you have to be able to have a little bit of side money so there's a balancing act going on there between. The people who wanna sell this an NB come on for -- but also having to sell -- to people who have a little bit of discretionary income to spent. We don't have aren't mine is under fifty dollars and it's a great affordable luxury accessories actually let you shop -- closet because -- last year as teens -- teachers should put on -- necklace and the brand new look so it's been sending -- women really gravitate towards -- -- it's a thirty billion dollar industry in the US lounge so it's something women love in good times -- -- and even if there -- -- a great job -- bad job market the reality is that women each flexible job opportunities. Are something that they're always going to -- and that's never cyclicals. So how -- Selling style and I've come to be how does a woman. Join your company become a sales individual and what kind of money are we talking about here. Well there's a wide range -- started this and get this isn't about. Switches compared to when I started -- my living where -- and I was making the -- -- in a website to me when. Someone gets all that ready -- And they bigger sample and then they got to have an online web site where they can sell -- collapsed at a top shocks -- -- -- in people's homes. So they -- 29 to 30% commission so on the very basic level -- aren't. Seventy -- -- hundred dollars an hour or sharing the satellite casual styling session with -- friends at -- -- However our stylist can also teach others to do the same and we have people that earn 1000 -- man we got people that earned a 100000 dollars in March a 100000 dollars a month yes. Yes -- -- it's pretty amazing that when you really look at what that person is doing -- you really like a global -- its sales at leading a large team that -- thousand women in multiple countries should and it's not very different -- watch an executive ET at a technology your fortune 500 company would do in terms of training motivation. Organizing events -- rewards for their sales. Teams what do you say as your number one piece of advice to you -- for -- either were working with -- dot or who wanna start their own company. To succeed as an entrepreneur you -- passion for what you're doing -- do something else -- and then use -- you -- tenacity because there is no job -- -- are there is no easy -- where everything's supposed to -- Janet -- you're gonna have to stick with cash and -- -- work -- it takes to make it -- -- And in terms of the big styles because part of your passion is the look -- the Felix the quality of the jewelry in the goods. What are the big styles of now. Well women and wearing accessories since the beginning it's time because color -- that space is very flattering and gorgeous says spring has a lot of beautiful colors. -- -- to excrete the street there's a neon and then there is pastels coming back in a big way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so you can take a look at Teledyne dot com and you a lot of gorgeous -- I love the -- the little -- earrings you've got -- in the necklace very. -- we'll bring his the most flattering colors all women so they try our nation's look at -- themselves not just the jewelry and see how much brightness it brings to their. -- -- just inherent thank you so much congratulations on all the work you're doing. -- -- Speaking of work is one of the toughest things for most of us to do walk into the boss's office. And asked for more money for that work well personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi is helping women take control of their careers by teaching us. How to negotiate a better paycheck and -- it's so nice to see you thanks for having me to you you actually are familiar with -- -- dot as an -- and coincidentally wearing one of our necklaces and expand -- company for a couple of years now I love their business model helping women. Start these business says it -- is me. And -- Hillary's is aptly beautiful and affordable is important which by the way we didn't bring you here to sell -- and not well. But but as a personal finance expert I wonder from me on for Memorial -- and eight from the women empowering themselves standpoint this is something that you think is is -- company that's viable and that kind of thing you would. Recommend women didn't especially if women -- -- I'm I'm -- expecting mom. It's always about trying to find balance in your life how to be present as a mother and as a wife and -- an individual also have a business owner or -- career woman. I think -- got really does. Satisfy a lot of that of those needs that we have to sort of be present in in all of those ways that we can be and have a business from home. And be mom at home. And that is I I think it's -- really writing. All right let's get to the business of asking for -- -- yes very important. What are some of the things people can be doing both men and women and Jack for that raise at work. Especially women -- as we know -- negotiate more often more aggressively they asked for. Pork times. They negotiate four times more than women and when they do you ask for a salary bump they ask -- three times more. So women. Can take notes from man but also I think everybody should. Be doing better this year companies expect to get only about 3%. If that to their employees the bottom. So if you want more than that it's really get you to take control what do you think is the appropriate amount in terms of let's say you are great and play -- or at least you -- -- -- employee you have the stats to back up your making money for your company. You -- -- impact. What is an appropriate ask for that person. Well you want to consider few factors that for you come up with that appropriate -- one is obviously. What is your value to the company and we if you asked earlier what you want to bring up to your boss when you're negotiating -- you. Talk about what's -- value what -- -- we're talking points when it by excel that. When -- -- he added it's not about how nice you are how often people come due for help or how many hours you put it it's really about. What do you contribute to the bottom line if you've been there for a long time making some new -- doesn't count. But it's not everything so I would say if you want to elevate above average -- -- start 5% to 10%. And if you don't get back don't -- away defeated from the meeting the meeting is really hard to get you know getting your boss's attention can be really -- to one -- -- take advantage -- -- Here she may not be receptive right -- to you asking for -- even if you've got two great PowerPoint presentation outlining all of your. All of your achievements. Talk about other -- that you might benefit from that can help you financially maybe it's a day off. From working in the obvious you can be at home and not have to hire child care -- and be present as an employee and also as a caretaker for your kids. May be held a -- a free vacation at paid vacation you know these -- the fact that things I think. You should always be having in the back of their mind if you don't get the -- that you -- -- five or 10% he bond to then you know -- K well can we please have a few. You gave me. Right you walk into the conversation armed with I want five's 10% but -- also armed with what am I gonna throw at my Abbas if he -- she says no right to this option I also think. You know in my experience it's also helpful to say okay if you're not if we're not gonna do the five to 10% raise today. What's it gonna take -- staffer meet again in the future what do I need to do so that we can both keep track of that so that when I get to that -- And I've done what you've asked of me I can walk and -- and and basically say OK where's the money show me the money. Axel yeah that is -- keep the conversation going at. Example to give you for my own experience early on in my career. I got a job offer and I want need to make acts and they -- willing to meet me there. And they said you know -- planet we discuss that than six months see how you're doing what they perform interviewing me who gave you acts. And you know what why give me. 20% of what -- making now and then will you know I -- halfway yeah out. Act and I think a lot of people have trepidation about negotiating when they're just getting the job because they think. The -- from the job I'm -- too greedy. But -- -- they let you they offered you the job you have nothing to lose anything by negotiating room you're showing that you have. Some audacity you have courage your willingness -- what you believe and I think that when you presented -- position that way. Companies should appreciate that and they will say. This is not only agreed employed -- million access to act our company if you are great way -- respect it hard to rob me. The book. But look out in May. -- when she makes more ten rules for bread winning women I'll be back hopefully that Sharon yes -- well artist Robbie thanks so much for joining us. And making -- so much for joining us here on real is remember you can -- any time. At real -- with -- -- you just sweet meet at Rebecca Jarvis have a great everyone.

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