Chinese Airlines Recruit Pilots in U.S.

All-China Pilot Job Fair in Miami seeks experienced pilots.
1:22 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Chinese Airlines Recruit Pilots in U.S.
I'm hopeful that there's other airlines out there that can appreciate experienced violence. Douglas -- spent over thirty years in this time flying for American Airlines from most of his career. But with cuts at its current company is looking to China for new opportunities. A telling sign of what's happening in our economy. It says that things are so good here in the good old USA anymore. We -- -- -- the airlines are beginning to outsource our maintenance to. Foreign countries and I did I don't think the -- aware of that. Ten Asian airlines are -- South Florida seeking experienced American pilots that salaries are much higher and the benefits are far better. The only challenge -- uprooting your life and moving overseas. That's pilot shortage he trying to especially. -- line. And so good opportunity. Being U us then session's big airlines. You know the people are seeking for a job done. We're might just want got this chance and then got pilots here -- With the recent economic explosion China has experienced its estimated the country will need up to 181000. New pilots within the next ten years. The US has the facilities to -- -- -- like here at the -- and international. -- flight academy. Today these pilots not only get to interview but they will be tested in a flight simulator. If they pass they could -- out. -- --

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{"id":15783605,"title":"Chinese Airlines Recruit Pilots in U.S.","duration":"1:22","description":"All-China Pilot Job Fair in Miami seeks experienced pilots. ","url":"/Business/video/chinese-airlines-recruit-pilots-us-15783605","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}