Florida Boy Auctions Pig to Help Cancer Patient

Chandler Beach's prized pig fetched $20,000 to benefit Corbin Wiggins.
2:25 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Boy Auctions Pig to Help Cancer Patient
It's been. -- eighteen year old Corbin Wiggins of Trenton is talking about his battle with cancer. Last year -- was diagnosed with no fewer than four types of cancer. Word began to spread in ten year old chairman of each of China one to help. I met him. -- few weeks ago and I I really known and for him to do something. Like that for me -- and he didn't even know me just read on the in the Paper means law. Something like this and unusual fund raiser planned by -- beach who decided to donate to -- cause. His donation the show pig named buckshot that he is raising. And then they get out of -- -- -- The -- woke up 1 morning and then he was all happy and he -- I'm tournament -- with. My fair money from buckshot nice that I really didn't and I figured you know and you -- begun or something like that and he sent them and give the money to Corbin -- Jailers I'd put his -- in the -- county fair for auction for the pig's eyes he wasn't expecting very much. Straight hours but after the auctioneer announced to the crowd what Chandler plan to do -- the money. The bidding started escalate. -- -- to -- and I quit then and are thirteen. And fifteen. -- And after more than fifty people pooled their resources. What was the final figure. House and -- Corbin and is barely could barely believe the news. Almost start crying but I didn't try to keep it in. I felt pretty blessed -- I don't think -- can say enough I don't. I don't know I'm at a loss for words -- everything right now. Given the opportunity. What would NG we can say to all the contributors. -- -- -- I without them I mean everyone I would -- thank you in this for how she would describe the young man who put this all emotion. I don't goodness I don't know. God's Angel. Corbin says it's individuals like -- that have helped him -- his battle. There's a lot like you and I have my family and friends Somalis to support -- -- don't think -- -- I'm a factor could go wrong. And with the support of his family in this new friend he won't have to -- Mike is Monday TV twenty news.

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{"id":15986424,"title":"Florida Boy Auctions Pig to Help Cancer Patient","duration":"2:25","description":"Chandler Beach's prized pig fetched $20,000 to benefit Corbin Wiggins.","url":"/Business/video/florida-boy-auctions-pig-to-help-cancer-patient-15986424","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}