Gas Station Fuel Targeted

Suspects attempting to steal gas flee as Florida police intervene.
1:05 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for Gas Station Fuel Targeted
As the prices for petroleum products pushed ever higher it seems some folks -- little lowered try to work around. Actually -- the rising -- that's a pretty typical -- from other cases that we've -- Investigators say this set up to siphon minivan with seats replaced by a -- and barrel was parked over in ground diesel tank at this BP station your -- smaller -- this morning. And caught patrol deputies not. By the time he'd made you turning got devastation. -- of Reuters had taken off but they've left -- other vehicle. As he approached the van and then he realized the -- was thrown inside in the first few fuel and -- you realize that the vehicle pulled out was probably suspect -- By then they were wrong. After fire department bomb squad Coast Guard and environmental all players were given the cleanup OB 45 gallons of fuel spilled as the tank -- was completed. The investigation started and stopped with dubious documents -- the vehicle's registration. And a renewed sense by deputies that there are going to be a lot more folks figuring out they can try this to -- those appear. That this is on the upswing again and not just here but across the state.

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{"id":15775501,"title":"Gas Station Fuel Targeted","duration":"1:05","description":"Suspects attempting to steal gas flee as Florida police intervene.","url":"/Business/video/gas-station-fuel-targeted-15775501","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}