GM's Electric Car Is Here: 1996 Flashback

Brian Rooney takes a test drive in the automaker's EV1 model.
2:24 | 09/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GM's Electric Car Is Here: 1996 Flashback
Transportation. Closer to home. A new television commercial for two states in the west tomorrow never took. Teens. She. Under pressure from California which is trying to reduce the level of automobile pollution General Motors is about to launch its first production model electric car. So we asked -- in with ABC's Brian Rooney could try one out and they said yes. From the front it could be any other car but the scale is tapered to a distinctive aerodynamic -- -- behind me he thought up I might bump right and since then -- -- what is that it would it attracts a crowd when you are. This is really really super him don't look for spark plug. How opened -- them. -- -- Every ninety miles according to GM if you're driving on highway seventy in the city but you know the disclaimer your mileage may -- Recharging takes three and a half hours with a 220 volt charger at home twelve hours -- use of portable charger in the -- The good thing is there are a lot more electrical outlets in this world -- gas station. The plug is this cattle and they say it's pretty safe you can even -- him but the singing in the rain -- any danger team. -- one only holds two people the center console in the back debt over the battery. There's no -- all you -- -- a code into a number pad here. A two run button. The whole -- springs to life. It has no transmission no shifting years pushed the -- and it goes zero to 69 seconds it's facts. Which this fun but isn't always the most useful thing in Los Angeles we just -- on the freeway already we're slowing to a stop for the traffic. It has its drawbacks especially if you want a car that goes farther than work for the airport. Over the years attempts to make electric cars have flopped they were slow in the batteries didn't last -- grandmother Enron. You need it right now the EV one is available only in California and Arizona cold weather killed batteries. And you can actually -- one GM leases it for about 500 dollars a month. Knowing its customers would balk at paying several thousand dollars to replace the batteries after three years. All the shortcomings Detroit finally seems to have made an electric car won't be mistaken for a golf back. And Rooney ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":25247274,"title":"GM's Electric Car Is Here: 1996 Flashback","duration":"2:24","description":"Brian Rooney takes a test drive in the automaker's EV1 model.","url":"/Business/video/gm-electric-car-1996-flashback-25247274","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}