Holiday Airfare Tips's vice president has tips on how to find the best airfare deals.
5:07 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Holiday Airfare Tips
Air fares are on the rise but there are as ways to find affordable flights joining us today to share his expertise is Joseph -- -- -- vice president and general manager of Expedia dot com. Just -- so much it's a pleasure having you so Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The Christmas holiday right after that what are you predicting for the travel season ahead. Now while travel has been getting increasingly expensive and we've seen that average ticket prices are up about 12% year over year. There are still some techniques in deals to be have. For example. Against often traditional wisdom -- -- instead of trying to look for flights that have one or two stops in them which often has been a way to save money in the past. We found that around Thanksgiving and and -- Christmas time as well this year that you can save as much as 20% by booking that nonstop flight. Which is not only saving a little bit of money but also getting if your destination more easily and quicker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How that aren't here -- -- in advance jet should people be booking their flights that's always the question right. Shore so we often get the question and how -- advance and advance should you be looking for flights and the general rule of thumb is. Anything more than 28 days out you're gonna find pretty stable airfares. As your leading up to a holiday him -- saying this both for Thanksgiving and Christmas time coming up. That between 28 or about four weeks out 28 days and about eighteen days you'll find the -- fares available. Once you hit that eighteen -- point you're going to see -- steady ten to 15% increase right up until the holiday itself. OK so that's good to know those are key markers there. Are any secrets as to which days you should fly -- times of data catch a flight. Shore so. At at Expedia we look at this and and try to disclose these rates for for customers and and what we have found. Is that Tuesday's in general tend to be the best days to look for fares and if you have the flexibility and probable. Leaving on a Wednesday tends to be the death best day to travel. Obviously fares change minute to minute but -- -- rule of thumb those are -- good guidelines. Then in terms of time of day if you can get yourself out of that early and -- those early morning flights those tend to be the best fares as well. OK is there any way to tell when you're looking at prices. Whether you think they may come down or if they might go higher. Well you can drive yourself crazy trying to protect the constant fluctuation in flights and it feels like you could be stock trader trying to analyze these things but we've we've -- Expedia tried to make this -- simple as possible. -- first off let's say if you find a great fair crowd that these things can change in inventory is in limited supply. This year more than than prior years as well. But one thing that Expedia is put on their site to help about -- -- fare tracker tool. Where you can from any city to any destination and look at what the lowest prices are by day and actually see what's happened -- over the coming days as you try to plan your journey. That's a good tool aren't we ran a story here recently that the commercial carriers. One point six billion dollars in the first have a -- here just on all those baggage fees delta Almonte actually -- or 424. Million. Is anything we as consumers can do to a -- -- all these extra fees. Shortly these fees are I -- a consumer as well I hate fees and our customers. When they speak of us and Expedia. They're not particularly fond of these fees either but -- seem to be here to stay for now and we -- Expedia are trying to do some things to help -- -- first trans parents say. We're doing everything we can to dis disclose all of the fees that you may have so whether they be checking fees -- baggage fees are so forth. So that at least you know what you're getting yourself into and can make that part of information you happen -- -- which flight you -- issues. And secondly we're really trying to to walk around talk and have been really hard at Expedia leading the industry. On removing fees so for instance a couple of years ago we eliminated. Fees for booking flights on our side for most flights. Similarly if you call our call senator and actually want to talk to one of our human beings that we have available 24 South Bend. There's ousting no fee for booking the flights -- call senators as well. And then also we fled on change cancel fees so if your plans to change and you find you do need to change -- -- hotel reservation -- -- We don't charge a fee for about other than any fees imposed by our our suppliers. And I encourage -- here as consumers I encourage you to look around and look at many sites as unfortunately there are still many sites out there and many of our direct competitors that do charge fees. All right that's the beauty of capitalism jump -- about vice president. And general manager of Expedia dot com -- thanks so much for joining us great advice.

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