Kevin Trudeau Fined $37.6 Million by Feds

Federal appeals court rules FTC was right to impose fine on infomercial king.
0:57 | 12/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Trudeau Fined $37.6 Million by Feds
A notorious TV infomercial king has been hit -- massive 37 million dollar fine for allegedly scamming customers. The FTC has been African overture grow for years they scanned millions of dollars from people hawking videos claiming. Coral house -- and couldn't cure cancer. Coral calcium is categorically. The best form of calcium. Marine grade coral is the best form of coral -- Might thing. So. The media is -- that of the reader's digest on us every single one of you listening you're deficient in vitamin. You take those two things it's virtually impossible to -- cancer and it's impossible liggett's. Multiple thousands of weight loss books and ban Trudeau from doing commercials -- seven but he kept arguing -- site in the First Amendment. A federal appeals court says it doesn't apply here.

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{"id":15191571,"title":"Kevin Trudeau Fined $37.6 Million by Feds","duration":"0:57","description":"Federal appeals court rules FTC was right to impose fine on infomercial king.","url":"/Business/video/infomercial-king-kevin-trudeau-fined-feds-15191571","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}