Ads Pulled From Muslim Show

Home-improvement chain faces backlash for pulling ads from TLC reality show.
0:23 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Ads Pulled From Muslim Show
And home improvement chain Lowe's is facing a backlash this morning after pulling ads from a reality television show about American Muslims. -- pulled the ads from TLC's all American Muslim after a conservative Christian group complained that the show. Which follows damage from a Detroit suburb. Is Islamic propaganda. Lowe's has since apologized but isn't saying whether it will bring back to the --

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{"id":15137267,"title":"Ads Pulled From Muslim Show","duration":"0:23","description":"Home-improvement chain faces backlash for pulling ads from TLC reality show.","url":"/Business/video/lowes-pulls-ads-from-tlc-muslim-show-15137267","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}