McDonald's Tweets Turn Ugly

Company's Twitter campaign backfires as users hijack promotional hash tag.
0:53 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for McDonald's Tweets Turn Ugly
There is such a thing as as bad press here McDonald try to do something pretty accusing yesterday and -- like this. -- -- kind of account or not -- Calvin Twitter campaign review opposed to share -- positive wonderful stories of of loving -- -- and -- -- -- wonderful even in a minute penalty consumers kind of then took their -- different route here and target really negatives in one person -- McDonald's when I'm ill because it makes me feel sick anyway. Then he -- these McDonnell's stories never get all -- like a box and McDonald's ten piece chicken nuggets left in the sun for a week. That someone else wrote watching a classmate projectiles bomb at his little over the restaurant during the six straight trip that was the story they share in the final result put it quite eloquently I haven't been McDonald's in years because I'd rather -- my own diarrhea. And that is what -- -- last year McDonald's and -- -- whether it. Is now over about the desired impact from the folks that Mickey d.'s don't forget to ask for McDonald's.

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{"id":15428388,"title":"McDonald's Tweets Turn Ugly","duration":"0:53","description":"Company's Twitter campaign backfires as users hijack promotional hash tag.","url":"/Business/video/mcdonalds-tweets-turn-ugly-15428388","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}