$1M Lottery Winner Collects Welfare

Amanda Clayton of Michigan doesn't plan to go off government assistance.
1:05 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for $1M Lottery Winner Collects Welfare
Michigan warm and strikes it rich winning the lottery than buying a new house and a new car but that hasn't stopped her from collecting. Welfare and she tells reporters she doesn't plan -- going off government assistance anytime soon. While I thought that they would cut me off but since they did and I. Maybe. It was okay because I'm not working -- you won more than ten million dollars no I won a million but it. After I took -- -- -- jot down a 700000. And then after taxes there was just a little bit over -- Taxpayers are really struggling that really need that money do you really think you have a right to that money. I mean. I kinda do I mean I have now in com and I have built Japan I have two houses. -- Do I have to respond to that -- I don't know I could you could figure out. What you feel on this Michigan State leaders -- working on a bill that would keep lottery winners from getting state assistance. -- -- how cool how is. If you. From.

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{"id":15876946,"title":"$1M Lottery Winner Collects Welfare","duration":"1:05","description":"Amanda Clayton of Michigan doesn't plan to go off government assistance.","url":"/Business/video/michigan-lottery-winner-collects-welfare-15876946","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}