Mystic Pizza in Trouble With IRS

Feds seize $60,000 from Connecticut eatery made famous by Julia Roberts movie.
1:44 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Mystic Pizza in Trouble With IRS
This is the notices seizure which appeared in the gay newspaper out of New London -- it refers to the seizure of 63000 dollars from the owners of mystic pizza. From -- -- -- at Chelsea Groton bank which has a branch right across the street. Mystic pizza -- to worldwide fame after the movie. Bearing its name and starting an up and coming actress by the name of Julia Roberts -- -- silver screen. Now -- making front page news at this local coffee shop with word of an IRS investigation. The IRS wouldn't confirm that but did tell -- -- the statute listed in this notice which says there is a criminal investigation. Refers to money laundering. It's very surprising -- had had -- hadn't heard about and even hints of anything going on over there. But -- staple of our community. Andrea Keller -- to -- -- -- of -- coffee cafe instinct he and others at the coffee shop know many who work -- the pizza. Completely startled -- -- simply because they've been here forever and wonderful. Wonderful restaurant pizzeria another person no feelings to the -- close to -- that left -- and pistons that left both. Says there is no basis with this investigation. Meanwhile -- hopefully that restaurant known for its -- of heaven. Hasn't had. A fall from grace they've always been very kind to to us here Arnold he's -- very nice so I'm going to hold out and being accused is not -- actually done any. So I'm going to hold withhold judgment totally -- -- lot. Also in this notice it says anyone who can claim ownership in the seized property. Should contact the IRS. On the scene in -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15887216,"title":"Mystic Pizza in Trouble With IRS","duration":"1:44","description":"Feds seize $60,000 from Connecticut eatery made famous by Julia Roberts movie.","url":"/Business/video/mystic-pizza-trouble-irs-15887216","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}