What Not to Wear to Work

Office friendly fashion tips from Nicole Lapin.
4:36 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for What Not to Wear to Work
I am Tory Johnson and this is at work wearing the right close to work and make all the difference if you are out of style or perhaps out of touch you could miss out on that raise or promotion. Nicole lapin is a founder of the charity law girls which offers gently -- workplace clothes and feisty young women who are looking for jobs. And she's here to give us some tips on what not to Wear to Wear -- a call him. -- to see your story so the first thing you say is being aware of the it fashions of the season. Yet -- does not translate into work where necessarily anything out tapes for example and -- and not even going into the low plunging. -- lines -- the married tight shorts skirts. We know those those are the trite things to avoid -- about caves for example those are having a fashion it moment and -- went -- very cute. Roaming around the streets of Manhattan. In that -- -- between one that you see in the middle for example but do not -- that weren't pleased you're gonna look like -- glorified quilts art published the data you're not gonna have -- Taylor. Look stick to than Taylor -- and stick to the tailored suits -- -- stick to the classics there because all thing thing about -- you might want president Yeltsin does he might sweep everything off. Not exactly the thing not exactly an image -- -- not. What not what you wanna do I. One -- -- -- -- about somebody it styles and there's some ice -- debate about -- you're walking into an interview or perhaps you're going for that promotion and you have beat it. Back with you you've got you know. The brand new bag that's all the fashion magazines and some people say well that's a good thing because it makes you look stylish and on trend in -- -- paying attention to what's going on in -- you're not out of touch and someone else says. You know here you can afford that you don't need this promotion I don't need to give you a big salary because looks like you're doing just fine on Iran but say -- that -- -- -- that is. Message definitely and we saw during think of the financial crisis a lot of Wall Street bankers and also not want -- -- and in a fancy car because you have to be really mindful about perception as well and I think some of the other it trends whether or not it's designer bag. I usually say mines and -- up anyway and usually it is and that's a good way to defuse the situation or anybody think about some of those other trends like the -- genes for fall. I would stay away for that for the office right you also saying no to leggings. Not pants went after me leggings are not pants and we've all seen women running around -- periods with -- -- -- you better not dresses exactly it's near a little bit confused whether or not they actually are wearing pants are not. They are very comfortable they are very great for militant yoga studio I don't care how it then outlined -- -- ends. Do not Wear leggings to work. All right no leggings and they'll have one yeah. Eight acts against the prince has taken you don't need to work fast and -- to work you're not shielding yourself a from the sun you're not trying to. And shield yourself from the foul ball there is no reason to be wearing hats to work I don't care whether it's at chapel or -- or baseball cap. You should not be wearing a -- work and if you cannot enter paired together just friendship and a headband on. Leave being all -- -- the -- and yes this is not the royal wedding ring no Hanley not the -- take he's taken our -- You're not selling in two perfume. Yeah just isn't -- when -- -- that you don't think it necessarily as -- near wearing it too -- up -- camping in the origins of perfume it was essentially made to enhance her own. Bodies of pheromones to attract -- potential -- to -- I don't need to tell you what is. Office etiquette one a one you're not supposed to be dating a co workers -- what the heck are you smelling like a department -- -- lobbying anyway. You should also keep in mind that some people are very allergic to perfume you don't want your co -- having itchy eyes the runny noses are going to end of electric shock do not mean that girl athletes nappy -- -- Adam wants to stay away from and finally you say. No flip flops and even as he think about the cold weather it's also note to -- issue is that me back slapping us now clapping sound that's flapping sound Torre does not sound like six that's come on now and this is really hard for me to -- because I appreciate the commuters. It is a -- to go into the reception -- so way to go. -- those flip flops in the -- when you go into work if you're so let those are too uncomfortable to squeeze in two words you should think about a nice. Clean pair of -- Flaps but those flip flops are meant for the beach I don't care how she knew how accurate it is not appropriate for the office. A -- weekend -- all today not only that and it thanks so much for coming in and you can find out so much mark from -- with tips like these. At reception east -- dot com.

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{"id":14926335,"title":"What Not to Wear to Work","duration":"4:36","description":"Office friendly fashion tips from Nicole Lapin. ","url":"/Business/video/nicole-lapin-work-fashion-tips-style-business-14926335","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}