What Runners Can Teach You About Saving Money

Alexa von Tobel explains their secrets that will save you dollars
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for What Runners Can Teach You About Saving Money
From ABC news now. Money matters. Ever feel like saving money is more taxing than even the most ultimate physical challenge well it turns out if you're looking to improve your finances you learn a lot -- -- some athletes specifically runners. Here to explain -- elect some on Sobel the CEO of learn best dot com. Pilots agree with -- -- -- kind of thing that's saving money is a little bit like. Running absolutely and you know you're talking about both -- things here is also a runner as well being a financial expert says. That is it runner and keep their promises -- do -- -- Attic you can sign up for half marathon are marathon this time happy -- most runners even raise money. And they let other friends now and I think this is a really good lesson for people -- their finances Senecal for this year. Whatever -- -- heated seat 101000 dollars or pay down your -- and let your friends now tiger to closest friends. Because it'll help you really stay on track -- make yourself to that promise such good advice. He did that runners stress -- -- that's is that because. The exercise helps -- Deanna absolutely and banners are typically know very committed. I'm so -- obviously great for distressing but yet I think it's a monies. -- 76% of the country feels out of control when it comes to their finances before the other percent at -- control. The -- at higher self esteem last depression until I think it's really important to get in control of your money you can't necessarily fix all your financial comes overnight. That coming to a site like learn fast and getting financial means to the -- have a plan of action has been able to -- lower a lot of the stress levels for people. So instead of wasting a lot of energy stressing over your financial editor at -- he's having positive and come up with a plan that's and you also say that. Runners considered training mandatory I think wake up patent. I wonder I'm gonna run today now it's it's a done deal up again and that's right so trainers trying runner's high apparently says and they get out the door and they go running I think this thinking when you commit your finances. It is not something that you can -- -- decide I'm going to be on -- are not. I think it's really important to -- committed to have that -- and and they really hasn't disciplined about it and that's the key word there really having -- -- -- your financial goals are and sticking to them you can do not -- and I love your last point because this is something that we can use in all areas of life. But runners really know how to delay gratification about the big payoff at the gas so if you're in on -- six miles -- you clearly are delaying gratification there. And I think -- -- -- the exact same type of thing but retirement account rate if you're young hearing your thirty's returning feels really far away into -- -- to -- that money. But we -- to lead. Gratification -- retirement putting that money away it's about compounding interest which is not magic it's just -- -- holding out for the future I like to -- -- planned retirement seedings as my future spending because I don't have a fabulous time in retirement. So delaying gratification so critical and -- to be -- financially powerful. To help you have more money later on that's great advice on -- -- -- to save and pick. You think that China.

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{"id":17230029,"title":"What Runners Can Teach You About Saving Money","duration":"3:00","description":"Alexa von Tobel explains their secrets that will save you dollars","url":"/Business/video/runners-teach-saving-money-17230029","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}