School Bus Dispatcher Suspected in Robbery

Florida police say Sharon Reynolds Bell drove getaway car in bank robbery.
1:06 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for School Bus Dispatcher Suspected in Robbery
-- favors longtime school bus dispatcher tried her hand at a different job. Get away driver I'm not guilty and that's all I have stake according to my -- Sharon Reynolds -- didn't want to talk to us about the bank robbery she is charged with committing with her husband. Listen thing that you were the getaway care. Well I guess that if you wanna talk to anybody needs talked to -- Laurie because I didn't do anything wrong. Farrell of the doll's house signs up at their house warning people they -- surveillance cameras ironically it's surveillance cameras that captured the bank robbery. Court records say last month Sharon bell dropped her husband off at TD bank in Titusville. Police say Johnny bell went into the bank wearing a wig and sunglasses he passed the bank teller a note which read give me the money. The teller put 12100 bucks in his bag in the GPS tracking -- Johnny bell got back in the car and told his wife to leave. -- say she asked her husband how much did you -- it -- was it worth it. But bell told her friend she didn't know her husband rob the bank until police arrested him I feel really bad for. Because she got pulled into something that she didn't know anything about.

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{"id":15778830,"title":"School Bus Dispatcher Suspected in Robbery","duration":"1:06","description":"Florida police say Sharon Reynolds Bell drove getaway car in bank robbery.","url":"/Business/video/school-bus-dispatcher-suspected-robbery-15778830","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}