Bitter Barista Spills the Beans in Snarky Blog

Seattle barista Matt Watson was fired for complaining about customers in his anonymous blog.
1:37 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bitter Barista Spills the Beans in Snarky Blog
I thought about telling the customer that -- had cream cheese over her face when she left but so figured out the man behind the bitter Bur re still blog is that once it just all happened so fast. Here -- it as paucity Georgetown coffee shop didn't think its marquee blog was so funny. Despite the blocks popularity -- was fired its a shame. They can have a job you like but also complain about it he's boss felt uncomfortable even -- match -- never identified the business. And never customers -- mosques are you mean -- No not at -- Is it possible your attitude affects the way -- customers of -- him. I was very customers I don't think Aaron remember your usual and drinking you're more memorable here. But you're more than welcome to go to Ethiopia and get yourself coffee drinkers reading the bitter -- to -- for the first time in -- it's just anonymous bug. Bitter and cynical like all this. Coached three tested match temperament now we test is for -- to skills will let Craig photographer -- correct. -- -- -- Acts -- says he'll continue his blog and won't look for a copy job right now. His real love -- rap music goes by the name speculation. I still wanna be interests and I have a record out in six weeks and has finally take some time off to promoted anyways -- This works out very well. -- hopes his newfound notoriety might help his music career he didn't tip and then the -- cut out. -- weird in Seattle Mark Miller coma for news.

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{"id":18488670,"title":"Bitter Barista Spills the Beans in Snarky Blog","duration":"1:37","description":"Seattle barista Matt Watson was fired for complaining about customers in his anonymous blog.","url":"/Business/video/seattle-bitter-barista-spills-beans-in-snarky-blog-18488670","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}