Secret Santa Donates $50K to Salvation Army

Mystery donor in Missouri has given $500,000 over eight years.
1:19 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Secret Santa Donates $50K to Salvation Army
Yeah yeah yeah. The secret Santa until -- -- the Walgreens on twentieth main Joplin it's the second year that -- -- -- This year they've dropped five checks for 101000 dollars each almost dropped to -- news is that the large amount of money and I was just so grateful that. -- -- came through once again. Good luck trying to guess the identity checks -- six -- on them. Margaret Mitchell's -- the bell ringer for twenty years she has no interest in finding secrets and is ID. And you actually knew what could be penalized. -- -- that many don't want now we as you know. It would pay -- mystery animal. You know his or her identity should be kept secret because I believe that's what they want and out of respect of that -- sixers center should remain -- sides. The salvation army's goal this year is 500000. Dollars -- secrecy is a big part helping change lives. Because the money we could use only program. -- feeding program our shelter programs. And utility and rental assistance throughout the year. Markers and -- Hillary yeah. Sneak peek. I like it because it actually may kick in the goods and people I -- you cannot help but --

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{"id":15154400,"title":"Secret Santa Donates $50K to Salvation Army","duration":"1:19","description":"Mystery donor in Missouri has given $500,000 over eight years.","url":"/Business/video/secret-santa-donates-50k-salvation-army-15154400","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}