Spring Travel Deals for Families

Genevieve Shaw Brown shares three affordable getaway ideas.
3:22 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Spring Travel Deals for Families
Most schools will be going on a break about a month from now -- if you might take a family vacation that you haven't -- one you better act fast. ABC news travel editor Genevieve -- brown is here with ideas and deals refine and memorable getaway Genevieve great to have you don't think he sometimes if not. -- little -- -- you want a to plant a family vacation what is the most affordable way to go while the thing to keep in mind is to look tell everyone around you was -- and then do the -- -- So we've got some great ideas for crews in. Beaches and -- Ankara is is one where it's probably some people -- -- scared off a little bit so there must be a great place to get a deal is you know people are. Second guessing those cruise vacations right now but for people who want to -- it's a great time because -- second guessing has kept prices while and there's a great -- on the celebrity summit. Police April 6 from San -- seven night round trip from San Juan southern Caribbean cruise you -- good -- -- can't send Dominica Granada. Scenes comments and celebrities and upscale cruise line so the price point which is 450 dollars per person. Which -- about 65 dollars per person per night. Is a fantastic -- but don't forget to factor that air. Artists and want right of course but those are some beautiful -- absolutely and that's -- that's actually a really good value added Ed -- is -- so this headed south of the border what do you like about Mexico for a family vacation employee you know thinks is like Cancun have really tried and they -- succeeded in shedding that. Party spring break -- and hearing more towards -- so it's a great -- without. With your family and again. People who little bit wary about Mexico right now but Cancun very -- as king who is not included in that travel warning -- feel safe -- you're going to Cancun and especially. He stated all inclusive resort south. The crown -- paradise club Cancun. Hasn't DL kids under twelve stay and eat for free to during Easter weekend -- -- to about 240. Dollars for a family and work. Per night and remember that includes all -- -- house all your drinks. I'm I'm limiting greens he's a water park for the case. Tons and tons of -- you just put out all the way and don't even look at a check out of his always -- professional -- so little they don't have to think about it that I'm angry particularly warm winner hasn't been great winter for skiing -- -- -- And it feels good deals actually I'm gonna go straight start manage and the absolutely cell you know -- -- people are putting away their ski here. For resort where the don't just yet because there are great deals to be had. And want -- at the Westin riverfront resort and spot in Beaver Creek. They are launching 31%. Off best available rates promotion tied to their being about 31 days -- in this new englanders -- And -- -- man made snow. -- -- -- -- -- You know. Spring actually tends to beat the -- -- it's time as well as the time with the most sunny. Great time to go away and the Weston has rooms that range from studios to three bedrooms. So you know whether over the -- and your family and kind of network -- and the bottom line and this is great advice is go where people are fleeing exactly did exactly that you're getting -- and beautiful places in great deals tax Genevieve -- -- ABC news travel letter thanks so much thanks Stephanie.

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{"id":15919645,"title":"Spring Travel Deals for Families","duration":"3:22","description":"Genevieve Shaw Brown shares three affordable getaway ideas.","url":"/Business/video/spring-travel-deals-families-15919645","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}