Stocks Spooked Over Greek Crisis

Cali Carlin analyzes the morning's business headlines.
7:20 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Stocks Spooked Over Greek Crisis
It is now and ringing the bell this morning. Just crossing the Monday February 6 everybody I'm Dan Butler and New York Dow futures they were down -- this morning it all on worries about Greece. Joining me now to discuss a business headlines as we Begin -- new week Cali Carlin from Bloomberg TV Kelly how are you today. Good morning -- and well are you I'm doing very well thank you it was tonight is that received mostly red arrows. All because of what's happening in his Euro -- what's going on with the negotiations in -- right now. Lots of drama with these great negotiations. Dan and it's certainly what is sending the market status -- big story right now Greece is flirting with bankruptcy disaster. As they try and work out a second European bailout now the prime minister the interim prime minister look at -- does having tended to on the team. Table but there are no specific videos. Worked out in a lot of -- -- investors are worried that it's not enough. And -- that's why you're seen markets down across the board on the equity front also on the currency front the Euro is lower vs the dollar. And he'll be the unions are also relates -- about this they already. Underwent -- -- it cuts. With the first bail out with yesterday measures they had to take and so now we have the biggest unions have both the public sector and on the private sector. Proposing 24 hour strikes for tomorrow's yes lots of drama and uncertainty in Greece. -- you don't wanted to ask about the -- how realistic do we think those strikes are actually gonna happen and because that was a threat the last time it -- seem to have much of an impact what do they think it's gonna happen now. Well I think it's the biggest unions have said that they will go through with 24 hour strikes tomorrow so we'll see -- -- there isn't -- -- -- these trees could happen I'm not sure how widespread. But that that uncertainty alone is definitely spooking investors. Get keeping an eye on that -- of course the Euro -- continues to grapple with their own situations. Here at -- those stocks are taking a bit of a dip in oil prices fell was well is that related to Greece. Absolutely because this uncertainty and Greece is. Looming over Europe's broader economy and there's questions and concerns about Europe's future demand for fuel and for -- -- As we wait to see what happened in Greece that the fall in oil this morning is absolutely tied suit. -- the crisis increased. We're always looking stateside here at the housing situation and it appears we may be at a pivotal moment right now with the mortgage debacle what -- whole mess. But I understand that there could be a deal in the works between five banks is all -- at the state level what do you know about this. That's right there's a big deadline here in the US it would antibodies deadlines increased but here in the US there's a big deadline trade 25 billion dollar settlement. In the mortgage disaster -- -- all fifty states sued the mortgage companies over the illegal practice of its so called robo signing. And the states have to decide by today whether or not they're going to agree to this 25 billion dollar deal we have heard from some states like Connecticut. In Louisiana and organ that they will agreed to this deal were -- waiting -- -- -- the big states like California. On whether or not they will agreed to the settlement. It is earnings season -- force keeps folks like you very very busy right in the middle of all the fun right. They got earnings season Grant -- it seems like Pacific and Atlantic comes again that takes a variety but hopefully with some different results and not the same repeated numbers over and over you that's GlaxoSmithKline you've got Hasbro Lionsgate entertainment are all out with their numbers today. Anything we should be looking for for headlines. We have heard from -- already they did report before the bell and their earnings per share came in line with expected. However their revenue fell that shortened so we are seeing declines of shares of Hasbro right now. Lionsgate is a big screw with Lionsgate to look for in the future they did sign -- deal. With. To acquire summit was twilight and were also really waiting to see on their new movie hunger games the expectation for next quarter. But I bet that those earnings are expected out later today. Vampires going to be keeping Lionsgate in business right Paul let peace the make up and then the hunger pains right exactly -- -- twilight so we'll see that was at that all the -- I was -- two some is some some of the products Procter & Gamble. Announced that its lowering the prices on some things diapers dish so why isn't doing this right estimate the cost of everything's been going up but now they're actually cutting back. It -- they're finding that consumers are not willing to absorb these costs of the company's. Are having to what happened Procter and -- -- -- the largest consumer products -- in the world everything from iams dog food to. Tide detergent and they didn't raise the price on their -- he's -- last year. By 8% in what happened is they lost overall markets -- they lost -- 7% of the over there overall market share. In the -- business -- they realized that unfortunately. They are not able to -- these higher commodity prices to consumers and really back was back to the stagnant wage growth there were experiencing wages and incomes are. Not rising and other very flat they're not keeping up with inflation and so there for consumers are not willing to absorb these costs -- Despite the fact that everyone's got to have a diaper on themselves with. Not everyone -- -- -- the Boston area -- don't wanna pay for the named exactly go back to the o'clock what's -- what hit us and -- -- because General Motors announced that they're gonna make some adjustments to their volt model but just for the state of California. Why making adjustments just -- this Wednesday. Well first of California is. The biggest consumer alternative fuel. It's it's a big market and what happened is with their -- to be able they didn't pass the zero emissions. Standards for California and so they are tweaking the -- -- for California and the models do not actually early march they should be. At variable and this -- -- model designed just for California. They're offering will get that coveted carpool -- slot for solo drivers so even if you're in the -- -- yourself if you've got the new Chevy votes. You will get that coveted carpool a lot you know -- as. LA freeways very valuable. Today I absolutely that a realistic -- -- -- sometimes pay. Questions that they -- going to be making -- some tracks in some new areas what do we know about this. Just announced today it will be. Under -- franchise deal in Asians -- for the first time they're going to be hearing. Korea. Vietnam and time. And there are going to be opening sixteen stores within the next year's -- -- searching for a new opportunities for growth and new revenue. Interest in expansion there -- -- -- -- today on this Monday after the giants' big victory in Super Bowl unsure if you're a little bit sleepy today as we all are. -- late night for those. But you were also keeping a night at this morning on shares as Verizon and Coinstar -- -- operates the red box. DVD Reynolds in grocery stores -- announced eight. Streaming deal today for video on demand -- both their stocks. Are moving higher in response that announcement came on Netflix moving lower in response we're definitely looking for more details on that partnership that was announced recently this morning. Netflix still recovering from that pricing problem they had back in the fall time. They are and how here is you can even more competition -- exactly. TV.

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