Top 5 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes

See what costume tops the list with a hefty $1 million price tag.
3:00 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Top 5 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes
If -- still haven't found the right Halloween costume we have some ideas for you but only if you have some major cash to blow. For example. Star Wars fans and this replica and it can't skywalker -- goes for thirteen hundred bucks and everything you need to look like the young Darth Vader. Cloak belt leather pants and other accessories. Something a little more light -- this fish mascot is going for thirteen 170. Bucks if this one doesn't hunt -- Ladies that -- be the hottest item at the party in this custom made it siren -- Tron Legacy cost him but. It'll that -- -- 2500. Dollars -- let's kick it up but that's how about -- full suit of gothic medieval armor. That -- -- -- -- still cost in his nearly 101000. Dollars and it finally -- most unlikely costume with the highest price tag. -- rain though human slinky costumes pretty cool if you have one million dollars. It is pretty scary.

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{"id":14838283,"title":"Top 5 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes","duration":"3:00","description":"See what costume tops the list with a hefty $1 million price tag.","url":"/Business/video/top-expensive-halloween-costumes-14838283","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}