Walmart Workers Protest For Higher Pay, Job Security

More than 100 employees protested outside the company's Arkansas headquarters.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Walmart Workers Protest For Higher Pay, Job Security
Okay. Employees protesting outside Wal-Mart whole lot to say things have gotten worse penetrated that refutes that there is no matter where we're taking it. -- need to go back to maybe two million. Employees say they hope for higher pay -- more hours. A better job security to name a few. The past couple years it's been quite so. For Carleton Smith most of his sixteen years the market has just -- Here's. The direction that company said it is not in favor of your -- past. That's part of the reason why I'm here on the corporate side Wal-Mart is still confident stores. Their jobs. We've got 300000 people worked for the company for more than ten years our turnover rate is lower than the retail industry average. And I think that shows that you know warmer as good jobs yeah. Three million -- I think we saw today -- -- very very small fraction. Of our employee -- think it's like point 0068%. You know employee base that had some issues and concerns. Workers say they fear retaliation from management -- speaking out more pushing for better conditions. Could cost them their job okay. Are you expecting any kind of retaliation if you are speaking of Atlanta. Room. I hope not. I don't think positive I --

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{"id":17451801,"title":"Walmart Workers Protest For Higher Pay, Job Security","duration":"3:00","description":"More than 100 employees protested outside the company's Arkansas headquarters.","url":"/Business/video/walmart-workers-protest-for-higher-pay-job-security-17451801","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}