Watermelon Water New Fad To Boost Your Love Life

Watermelon water and maple water new juice craze said to fuel your libido
3:00 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Watermelon Water New Fad To Boost Your Love Life
-- so -- sales are slumping and for some drinking regular water it's just not cutting it so we sent ABC's -- but he's out to try the latest -- used to Asia or take a look. Along with Nickie. Fantastic report -- -- try this watermelon water because I haven't yet. Times I like it. It's like eating a lot of talent days as I think people -- to be really sweet but it's it's moderately sweet yeah. You know you might for awhile and on over the years but it's a good the good alternative. But all those benefits all those benefits it's got lycopene which is from an an accident to help fight against prostate cancer particularly in the -- Viagra is right by. I meant listening to think I'll yes that's another of course when their marketing points but. But really took a lot of vitamin a vitamin C and it really doesn't give a good nutritional boost for here for your diet since you did this story and even drinking a lot of it I had had acquitted him quite a bit for the story but I don't -- -- bottles you know it's good I enjoy it. You also rattle on the latest craze yes to this is this is assorted mover watermelon water maple water -- has arrived this is not even on. Outlet stores -- it's out next week maple water it's literally the sap from maple tree and I waited had not tried this yet that's right with a taste test temple and its year ago. Cheers cheers. -- like water was like yeah. Very just hint of -- -- of me and we did shake these up I should say before we started to -- -- up because it does it shake well before you. Green jacket when it first went first learned that this was coming out I thought about -- McConnell -- Hunger Games movie that -- This file -- the tree -- drinks -- ready she's drinking of patents and drinking she got the -- primed for this yes I'm looking at the different counts here on the back this one that the maple -- actually fewer calories than the watermelon water and low in sugar beleaguered out which surprises me. -- and you know it. The maple water -- many calories a serving us has technically -- eight ounces sixty calories this model has ninety. This has less sugar so if you're a woman who's trying to lose five pounds you know going to the gym every day -- better option payments. You know but this might have a little bit more nutrition nutritional benefit that has lycopene has -- -- This has iron and calcium but to do that which -- -- -- My diet drinking testified to -- you know enjoy something after the Tim -- this -- right. It's JT -- thanks so much for joining candidates there really appreciate it. And thank you for joining us for real -- we want to hear from you. What do you think about watermelon and maple water is there another water out there we should be drinking tweet us at real business RJ it till next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York take care.

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{"id":23641179,"title":"Watermelon Water New Fad To Boost Your Love Life","duration":"3:00","description":"Watermelon water and maple water new juice craze said to fuel your libido","url":"/Business/video/watermelon-water-fad-boost-love-life-23641179","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}